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Hi guys,

I'd like to know your view on the quality of the University of Melbourne, which is ranked as the best or second best in Australia, and around 30th in the world. However, how is the university in reality? Is it one of those big city universities where you just go to class and never engage with teaching staff and with little student life, comparable to UCL for example? The university also seems to try to get as much students even with lower scores and is very growth oriented, am I wrong seeing it as a sign of lower quality, as a top university wouldn't do such an effort to get more students for revenue no matter their skills or capabilities?

Also, do Australia's smartest go to the university? Are there a lot of intelligent, ambitious, even genius people, as in top universities of U.S. and the UK? Or do the smartest leave Australia and go study abroad? Could it be thought as the best university in that part of the world, the "Harvard" of Oceania-Asia?

And how is it compared to universities in the UK for example? In business could it be regarded the same level or even better than warwick, or Bristol? And anyone with GCE-A-Level results over ABC has guaranteed entry to bachelor of commerce. This seems like really low, about the level of mid-tier-universities in the UK.

Thanks for answers!

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