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Hello :wavey:

So I'm going to be a student again :awesome: However, I'm ...

1. Moving away from home for the first time
2. Have no idea where to start in terms of preparing to move and what I should bring with me to uni

This does sounds silly however is there some form of a list or something that I can do to help me map out what I should focus on completing for the next couple of months? And in addiiton, is there anything you recommend me completely avoiding in terms of mistakes?

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Before I started my postgraduate & moved out from home, I took the opportunity to do a huge clear-out of my possessions. I did a cull of clothes, shoes etc., as well as books in anticipation of the move. It helped massively when it came to lugging my stuff to my new place, as well as providing a kind of mental clear-out after my undergrad. I also did a sorting-out of notes etc., and got rid of things I knew I wouldn't need on my postgrad.

I think there's a helpful list of things to consider bringing to university here on TSR, but I would perhaps counsel that you wait until arriving in your new city before buying lots of kitchenware, cutlery, crockery etc. If you arrive with plenty of time, you can blitz charity shops, which often have plates, bowls etc. for very cheap, if you don't mind them being mismatched. You can also find cooking utensils there as well sometimes. Even if you didn't want to go down the charity-shop route, buying them when you get there could prove cheaper, depending on where you're moving to. I brought my own pillows from home as I'm used to them, but you'll need to decide about bringing a duvet with linens etc. versus buying one when you arrive.

These are just some random thoughts, but hopefully they'll help a bit in terms of getting you started in your preparations.

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