If you could do any degree and have any career, what would it be? Watch

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Basically, if you could have whatever you wanted, what would you have?

I think about the many different professions out there and how someone would go about achieving to that career so I will show you some ideas I had and I'm intrigued to see what other people might do if they could have all the freedom to do as they wanted. Maybe to be a general at the Ministry of Defence or to be a Professor in some science.. anyway I'll show you some examples.

Professor of the History of Science at Imperial College London
Gresham College Professor of Physic
Imperial College London - D.Sc. Doctor of Science
Royal Society of London - Research Fellow
Imperial College London - Associate Professor in the History of Science
University of Cambridge - Fellow in History of Science
Princeton - Ph.D. History and Philosophy of Science
Harvard University - A.M. History of Science
University College London - B.Sc. History and Philosophy of Science
School - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics

National Security / Defence Policy Advisor at the Ministry of Defence
Royal College of Defence Studies - M.A. International Strategy and Security
Ministry of Defence - Defence Policy Advisor
Royal United Services Institute RUSI - Research Fellow
University of Oxford - D.Phil. International Relations
Harvard Kennedy School of Government - Predoctoral Fellow in International Security
University of Oxford - M.A. Geography (Placement at Ministry of Defence)
School - Arabic, Geography, Government and Politics, History, Russian

Policy Advisor at British Embassy, Washington D.C.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Graduate Policy Advisor
University of Oxford - M.Phil. International Relations (Strategic Studies Group)
University College London - B.A. History (Year at Penn University in the U.S.)
School - Geography, Government and Politics, History, Philosophy

Private Equity at Brown Brothers Harriman, New York
University of Oxford - M.F.E. Financial Economics
J.P. Morgan - New York, Beijing, London (studying Chartered Financial Analyst)
Princeton University - Economics and Political Science (1 Year)
Sciences Po - Economie, Histoire, Politique, Relations Internationale (2 Years)
School - Economics, Government and Politics, History, Mathematics

General Counsel to the London Club of Creditors
Merton College, University of Oxford - D.Phil. International Financial Law
Member of Lincoln's Inn, London
Inns of Court School of Law (City) - LL.M. Professional Legal Skills
Inns of Court School of Law (City) - Bar Professional Training Course
Merton College, University of Oxford - M.A. Jurisprudence (2 Year)
Examination Fellow at All Souls, University of Oxford (7 Years)
Economic Advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer of H.M. Treasury
London School of Economics - B.Sc. Government and Economics
(^ Industrial Placement at H.M. Treasury)
Gap Year in Economic Research at the Bank of England
School - Economics, Further Mathematics, Government and Politics, Mathematics

Gardener at the National Trust
Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew - Apprenticeship with Diploma in Horticulture
University of Cambridge Botanical Garden - Trainee Technician (1 Year)
Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh (with the Scottish Agricultural College)
^ B.Sc. Horticulture with Plantsmanship (Year with the National Trust)
School - Art, Biology, Geography, Travel and Tourism, Physical Education

It's amazing that when you imagine yourself somewhere that you think of things you might not have.
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the degree i ve already chosen,wouldnt ever want to do anything different even if i was free to do anything.
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I'd choose my current degree, especially when it is made of 2 major subjects and I can further continue to study in any of the two

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