Moving to England as a engineering graduate - some advice needed

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I would first of all like to introduce myself and describe my situation and then ask you some question and I hope you can give me someadvice and insights. It´s a long post so thank you for reading ;-)

I am a German student currently enrolled in my Masters course at the technical university in Munich studying brewing science and beverage technology (It is pretty much process engineering for the food and drink industry). At the moment I am working on my thesis which I probably going to finish and hand in in October/November. After this I will move with my fiancé (she is from the UK) to England and look for a job there.
I finished my BA also in brewing engineering from the TUM with a 2.2 and will get a 2.1 in my MA. During university time I did an internship at a big local brewery for five months. I must have done a pretty good job because the brew master offered me to come back at any time if I want to earn some money on the side. I took the offer and worked there for another two months. Just recently I did another "mini internship" there just working in the filling department for a month. All in all it summed up to about 7 1/2-8 months work experience.
After I will have handed in my thesis I want to start applying and then beginning of 2016 we will move to England. We have my fiancé’s parents house as a "home base" and then will move wherever I get a job. During this time I will be still enrolled at university (till March) that I minimise the gap between graduation and employment (and for a few other reasons I don´twant to go in detail here)

Now I have some questions:

1) My fiancé said that it only really makes sense to apply for jobs when we are in the UK because companies usually want you to start working right away and not wait because you still have to finish your thesis etc.. What are your experiences with this. Do you need to be at the ready for the job that you apply for?

2) how long does it usually take to get a job in the engineering/technology sector with my profile?

3) I also worked during school and university in a big hotel/restaurant/event location in the kitchen as a dish washer. It was really not a challenging or impressive job but is it still worth mentioning in my cv or cover letter? I have read on different web pages that every experience is good experience but if I would have stayed in Germany I would have never put this job on my cv. Any opinion?

4) The technical university Munich is one of the "TU9" in Germany and has a very good reputation. The courses are really hard. Up to 50-60% drop out rate in the BA and another 10% in the MA courses. Also a 2.2 in the BA and a 2.1 in the MA is the norm. I know no one who got a 1st in the BA or MA. When I read through this forum it seems to be pretty normal to get a first at university. And like I said it´s pretty impossible to achieve these "elite" grades at the TUM. Not saying no one got it but even the best students out of my year got a 1,6 which would still be a 2.1 in the English grading system (I will probably finish with a 1,7/1,8). There is a phrase in the BA course that goes "4gewinnt" which means “four wins” because a 4,0 is still a pass and some exams are just so hard the student´s goal is not a good grade but just to pass with a 4,0, which then is even celebrated….absurd, I know Will this be a problem in the application process? I obviously don´t want to come across in my application as an arrogant prick who thinks he went to this "elite" school and that a 2.1 is actually a 1st from another university although it´s true...if you get my point. In Germany employers know that a 2.1 from Munich is a better grade than a 2.1 from some small university in the nowhere...but how do I get this point across to an English employer?

5) Will my MA give me an edge towards other competitors with only a BA? Can I demand a higher salary? What salary this realistic in the engineering sector? I don´t want to go to low and undersell myself and also because this would drop the wage level in general for other employees. But I also don´t want to kick myself out of the process because I expect too much. Of course I have done my research already but I just want your opinion on this one.

6) I will still be enrolled at university until March. Can this be a disadvantage or bite me in the food when I mention that I am a graduate which I am officially not? It´s just about one exam that I have to write in February 2016...I could start working as soon as I hand in my MA thesis end 2015.

That´s all so far. Thank you in advance for your help.


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