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Im in a dilemma and i dont know what to do
I have to choose my A-Level subjects and i dont know whats right for me, ive tried career tests and things like that but im still unsure.
Ive been to two induction days showing the lessons i was thinking about taking and they seem so boring the other lesons dont look much fun either
How did you know what was right for you? Did you know from a young age what courses you want to take or do you still not have a clue like me?
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i knew from young age that i was good in maths so i am doing maths. and everything related to maths. i dont know why i did chemistry.

for AS i did maths further maths physics chemistry and music
for a level dropped music.
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At my secondary school, we were told to pick subjects we enjoyed at GCSE, which makes sense. There's no point picking subjects you don't like for A Level, as they're quite a bit deeper than GCSE, so you'll probably get really bored. It also helps if you have an idea of what kinda course you want to do at uni (if you want to go) as you might need specific subjects at A Level.

I did Maths, Physics and French for A Level (just finished them). Didn't really like Maths at GCSE, found it a bit boring.. but my teacher said I should do it (also, I knew that I wanted to do Comp Sci at uni, so it was a necessity) and I'm glad, cos I did find it interesting at A Level. Phyics and French just cos I liked them tbh. That's just me anyway.
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You just need to ask yourself 2 questions.....

1) Do I enjoy the subject?
2) Am I any good at it?

In my case I overlooked the 2nd questiojn and picked really interesting subjects that have swamped me completely and are threatening to kill me........GOD BLESS RE-SITS!!!!

If there are any male people reading this then I think there are also two additional question for you.....

3) Will there be any V.fine girls on the course?
4) Will they sleep with me?

Again in my case I ****ed up because I picked electronics which has a total female count of 0 at my college.
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