Please help me with this problem question in Land law that I am trying to answer:

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1. Anne Malik owns the unregistered freehold of her home in Yorkshire. Anne purchased her cottage in the outskirts of York, near to a large arable farm in January 1993 to live there after she took early retirement. To the rear of the cottage was a piece of woodland, the title to which was unregistered. The rear fence of her property had fallen into disrepair thus affording access to the wood. The local authority, South York District Council had plans to use the woodland for a waste recycling plant when they could afford such a plant at some time in the future.
In 1993 no one else was using the woodland so Anne parked her Mini on a small clearing to which she could gain access with her car at the back of her cottage and did so mostly in the summer months as she found it too muddy to park her car in the winter. In 1997 a friend of Anne’s sold her a chainsaw at a knock-down price. She also installed a “Clearview” wood-burning stove to keep her warm during the winter months.
Over the years Anne has carried out work within the woodland such as planting saplings, felling trees and cutting them up for wood for her stove. She found some useful storage sites in the wood for her timber. By 2000 there were four such sites on the land. In 2001 Anne built on the land a single story storage shed for her tools and some of the better wood and created a small kindling store adjacent to it. After an attempted break-in in 2003, she installed a wooden fence made from materials gathered in the wood enclosing part of the wood in an attempt to keep potential thieves out.
The South York District Council has decided that it now has the funds to erect the recycling plant and has written to Anne informing her that she must leave the land immediately. She rang the council officer with the responsibility for the project and told her over the phone that she appreciated that the land belonged to the council but asked if she could have a licence to stay until the building works actually started. She did not get a reply and is now concerned about what to do with her wood and timber and has therefore come to you for some advice.

(a) Assuming it is early May 2015, please advise Anne Malik.
(b) Would your answer be different if the land was registered and if so please set out and explain any such differences. (50% of the marks)

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