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I'm taking biology, chemistry and maths for college, how do I prepare! PLEASE HELP ME!
its summer time and I start college in September, can you give advice on how to go about revising these subjects before I start college so I can have a head start. I don't have no textbooks for college.
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Are these A Levels? Which exam board are you with? I admire your enthusiasm, I really do, but summer before A Levels should be used to relax and unwind, you may start school and wish you had taken the time to do this, because you won't be able to chill once they start - and next summer won't be a holiday either. I see little advantage to trying to teach yourself material before you start, because often the material is at a level where it could become scary or frustrating without a teacher there to introduce you to the topics properly. It would be a shame to then become unhappy with the work before the term even starts!

Of course, this is entirely your choice and your determination is amazing, but I have just finished my A Levels and my sincerest recommendation would be to just relax. The material fits nicely into two years, and you'll need to save up all the energy and spirit you have for the start of term

P.S. I studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics and IT

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