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Made Cambridge POOL, but never called. Should I re-apply?

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prospective L.E. student
hey, okay, but if you were applying to cambridge for a course such as law, do you really think that it wouldn't be any harder to get into trinity college in comparison to a college such as robinsons?? im just asking.......:smile:

OK... say Trinity get way too many good people applying and Robinson don't get enough. If you're good enough, you'll get accepted or pooled whichever you applied to. If you're not good enough, you'll get rejected whichever you apply to.

To be honest as Robob said once you get here you realise that there is no difference in standard whatsoever between colleges - everyone feels completely out of their depth and as if they're going to fail.
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harder but not that harder. you are still a cambridge material, who is capable of getting 2.1

Really? Wow. I'd better get working then.

Echoing the sentiments of others, the pool is generally there to make sure that as many people who are good enough get offers. It doesn't always work though...
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Ah right. Gotcha.