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I am soon to begin a GEM course at Swansea, who offer a rural programme which allows you to spend more (but not all, of course) time in rural areas, potentially arming you to work in these rural areas. In the context of Wales, we're talking about small towns and villages where there are few family doctors etc and therefore you get to see everybody who comes through the door.

I'm not interested in becoming a rural doctor in the UK. On the contrary, when it comes to settling down with children in the (far) future, my partner and I would plan to live in or on the outskirts of a city. That still leaves fair room for manoeuvre though; particularly after FYs.

I would like to work in rural and developing countries, hopefully for several years, possibly between FY and CT years, and possibly again in the future. I am in no rush to become a consultant in the NHS, but do see it as a possible career goal. Do you have any knowledge of the advantages / disadvantages / challenges faced / hoops jumped through etc of a doctor with these goals? Also, do you think participating in a rural programme such as that at Swansea could prove advantageous?


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