british goverment has been bending backwards for the muslum people" a comment made,

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i just wanted to post something interested that had today.
i was in supermarket looking at few newspaper when a old black men was aslo looking at newspaper, starting to talk to me.
he was reading something that muslums culture are doing their thing here in the uk like pologramy marriages ( men can have more than 1 wife in thier culture) but in uk it not allowed but he keeping say that the british people are allow them , as they allow them a lot freedroms , he keeping saying british bend backwards for them... for years. he aslo said muslum even have they own court sytems here.
but in thier countrys they want to kill britsih people
he aslo said the worse are the british muslum , the ones who go to other countries and kill british people.
he aslo comment why are they treated different,he aslo belive the main cuase of the bomb in 2005 was all the freedom british goverment give to them.

you know what, i was thinking
is he right or wrong?
do you agree or disagree why?
I did made a commment to him saying maybe british goverment are scared of them as we all know they CAN be very dangerous... or is it because britain as a lot buiness connections with them and they dont wanna lose them,
william walker
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I think the old Protestant is wrong. The British government doesn't bend over backwards it supports them. As they can use the large Muhammadanist population against the High Tory state and weaken it to increase the power of the government. As for the idea that only Muhammadanist's can be dangerous just look at Ulster the Loyalist Protestants have been fighting and murdering their Liberal opponents for years. The Loyalists actually are dangerous so must be destroyed, the Muhammadanist population isn't for the most part and has no political aims. This is why the Loyalists are attacked or never get a mention, where as the Muhammadanist's are always talked about as a threat, which they really aren't. The threat really is Puritan Liberal destroying the institutions of the British nation state.

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