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I am seriously considering moving to another sixth form for my second year after my AS Levels.
My main concern now is that I will have to transfer from Edexcel French to AQA French, and I have heard that the difference is ridiculous.
Does anyone do AQA French at A Level and how do you find it? Or has anyone done the transfer of Edexcel to AQA and how hard did you find it?

I'm really worried that I won't do well on the AQA board and that it would be better to just not transfer for the sake of my grade.

(I am predicted an A overall at my current sixth form whilst doing Edexcel.)
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Hi! I'm currently doing French for A-Level; I just finished AS, and they're both with the AQA exam board. In my opinion AQA wasn't an awful jump from Edexcel (which I used for GCSE) - in fact they seemed pretty similar except for the speaking exam, and I'm pretty sure it only changed because of the difference between GCSE and AS.

I'm not an expert on Edexcel A2, but AQA have cultural topics as well as normal ones, so you study films/books/history/geography etc from France. They seem pretty interesting too! A2 also includes translations, but the texts are quite small, and with practice you should be guaranteed a good mark

Good luck with your choices, I hoped I helped a little bit! If you need any more help/info on the actual topics I'd be happy to help

Rin xx

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