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Hi everyone,

I have a few queries in mind; I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer

I am in the UK and I have done AS levels in: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology - with the consideration of doing Further Maths next year

I have decided in the future I would like to live in the USA or Canada,

I know that to study this in America or Canada , you need to do an undergraduate degree in a science related subject before applying

I was just wondering how UK students can apply to universities in America or Canada?

I know it's quite competitive, but if someone could explain the whole process to me, it will be incredibly helpful

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You can't study medicine in Canada or the US from high school. You must do a university degree first. Unfortunately for you the only solid way to immigrate to Canada or the US is to do medicine in the UK first. You can enter the US through residency training and you can enter Canada after completing specialty training in the UK.

Medical school in Canada is highly competitive, twice as competitive as in the UK and the vast majority of spots are for Canadian citizens. You would be taking a huge risk to do undergrad in Canada with almost no hope of landing a Canadian medical school spot. Only University of Toronto, McGill, McMaster and Dalhousie even accept internationals.

Medical school in the US is also competitive for internationals and you'd need to do an expensive US undergrad to have a shot.

Sorry to burst your bubble but there is almost no way you are going to end up in Canada or the US as a doctor until at least 24 for the US and possibly 28-30 for Canada.

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