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Already kind of had this lying around and summer's already started so some bits are ticked off (plans) mean that official plans are made, duh.

Underlined means I've done it, Italics means in the process.

Go to Wireless Festival- see Childish Gambino, Mary J Blige and Kendrick Lamar

Go to AirHop- try a mid air roly poly (is that the professional term?) (plans)

Visit London's Cat Cafe- not a huge fan of cats but I'd like to see it

Imperial University tour- look at the department I'd like to do my degree in

Learn how to swim (quite embarrassing, but oh well)

Go somewhere cool with my brothers and camp overnight

Go camping in New Forest/ Black Forest/ Lake District with friends family (plans)

Watch Game of Thrones- beginning to end! (Argh!!)

Finish a short story!

Go on family holiday to a European country! (Tickets booked! Plans)

Create a mosaic from Old Garden tiles

Do my annual painting on canvasRide the london Boris bikes (plans)

Go Bus hopping, end up somewhere new and exciting

Ride a bike somewhere far away with a friend.

Go to Cornwall- ride a horse down a trail with best friend.

Work Experience at a hospital for Medical Physics

Go to the beach (Bournemouth) with all my friends.

Eat a nice meal out with my friends (Not just mcdonalds or burger king)

Pass my driving test and theory!

Camp out in garden and have BBQ with friends

Films I need to watch, sublist; Riot Club, Legend of the Guardians (don't know how I haven't watched this),Mad Max: Fury Road, Inside Out, Tommorowland, The Duff

Looking back on my list, it looks quite ridiculous, lol. Oh well.
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Blog Post #1

Went to wireless yesterday. I'm quite small so I somehow managed to squeeze my way to the front- took a lot of rib bashing, toe stomping and screams of frustration but I saw Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar up close- I wasn't in the VIP lounge, but I was close enough! Mary J Blige was amazing- belting out Real Love with thousands of other people was be-a-utiful. Such a great day- had to miss Avicii because my friend got sun stroke, but I didn't care- I think I made the most out of my money. Although the atmosphere created by him would've been great, I was alright with leaving. Really dirty though- don't underestimate the dirt- especially being at such close proximity with so many other people. Quite sure I felt three legs pressing up against me at one point- middle one may, or may not, have been a leg. Plus, I know it's bad, but I forgot to eat I had so much fun- all that dancing on a tiny £3.00 can of Red Bull- perhaps the harshly steep over pricing made it last a little longer lol. Great day, overall. Even saw this guy Ady Suleman who sang the most rhythmic, lovely songs I've ever heard. Only dissappointment was the I missed Dizzee rascal. NO ONE TOLD ME DIZZEE RASCAL WOULD BE THERE. Ugh. Could've had a sh!t ton of nostaligia lol.

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