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Many international students underestimate the importance of insurance, especially when they are used to having affordable travel and health care at their home country. In USA, there is insurance to cover almost any unforeseen expense – including unexpected illnesses, emergencies, changes, and cancellations. Here are a few types of insurance that you must consider if you are an international student in USA:

International health insurance

The American health care system is one of the best in the world, and so it comes with a heavy price. You may end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for health care for an accident or illness; therefore, it is always advisable to have an international student health insurance throughout your studies in USA.

The US Department of State has not set any specific insurance requirements for F1 visa holders. However, many universities & colleges require the foreign students to have international student health insurance for their duration of study. These requirements vary as per your university or college.

While most top universities in USA offer an international student health insurance plan of their own, the smaller institutions do not set specific insurance requirements. In case of no school insurance requirements, you must choose an insurance plan that best fits your needs and budget. Some universities give you the option to waive the mandated coverage if you can provide proof of existing international student health insurance coverage.

Medical evacuation and repatriation

A medical evacuation and repatriation plan is an ideal supplement to an existing health insurance plan as it offers the following benefits:

Emergency Medical Evacuation – Transportation services if you have to be evacuated to another medical facility, mostly in USA, and in rare circumstances, in your home country.

Emergency Reunion – It covers the cost of transport of a friend or family member to be by your bedside, in case you are medically evacuated.

The Return/Repatriation of Remains – This covers the cost of returning your body to your home country if you were to pass away.

Travel Assistance Services – This includes coverage for emergency prescription replacement, lost document assistance, and more.

Trip cancellation insurance

This insurance covers the costs of travel and program expenses when trips or programs get cancelled, changed, or delayed due to no fault of yours.

Academic program insurance

In case you are involuntarily withdrawn from your course due to a circumstance not under your control, this insurance reimburses you the costs of tuition.

Dental plan

In many cases, your university’s insurance plan may not cover dental work. In such instances, if you visit a dentist, the expenses have to be paid out of your own pocket. The best option is to join a discount dental plan to lower your cost of dental treatment.
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any recommended companies please anyone? I am going to Central Washington Uni, Ellensburg, for a year and have not found a suitable company for medical insurance yet ( I have to find my own with no help from UK Uni)

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