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Wooooooo!!! Summer time! Now there's the long, boring wait until results day I'll do this stuff to keep me occupied

- read the bible and pray every day

- read 6 books

- practise drums daily

- practise guitar daily

- practise piano daily

- do the 'Cyber Security' course on Future Learn

- do the 'Big Data' course on Future Learn

- do the 'Begin Robotics' course on Future Learn

- do the 'Calculus One' course on Coursera

- learn the programming language 'C'

- learn the programming language 'Haskell'

- turn my Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming station and get it to work with my USB controllers that I got years ago but have never used

- turn my Raspberry Pi into a home server that allows access to my external hard drive so that we can all keep photos on it

- make an app with MIT AppInventor2

- develop my photography by: experimenting with light painting, doing long exposure photos of waves, doing long exposure photos of trees in the wind

- climb a Munro (a mountain in Scotland that is over 3,000 feet high)

- paint my bedroom

- get better at ultimate frisbee

- make my own skylight (one of these things)

- get some work experience so I can start working out what area I might like to study at university

- go to a UV party

- go to a music festival

- go to the cinema to watch a film

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