Izzle03's Summer Boredom Busting Bucket List Watch

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1.Buy a lovely smelling candle
2.Learn to meditate
3.Go to the gym more often
4.Explore free interesting venues
5.Cook a new recipe everyday
6.Learn some Spanish
7.Have a picnic with some friends
8.Talk to some new people
9.Do something which frightens me
10.Read as many books as possible
11.Watch TV series from the beginning to the end (or latest episode)
12.Go on holiday without my parents
13.Get my results and confirm my a-levels
14.Watch as many films as possible
15.Get a job
16.Grow something (keep it aliveee)
17.Go to the cinema!
18.Take a train journey with a friend ( visit someplace random, have a random experience somewhere fun)
19.Go out for breakfast!
20.Go to a new restaurant
21.Go camping
22.Get my sisters something nice
23.Fundraise for charity
24.Try Geocaching
25.Start writing to a pen pal
26.Go to a zoo/aquarium
27.Help a stranger
28.Go to a vintage shop
29.Happy notes with a pack of Postits
30.Treat my hair (get it in the best well kept condition its ever been)
31.Get a new water bottle (super cute one)
32.Get cute stationary for sixth form
33.Get enough clothes for sixth form
34.Read some articles
35.Pay more attention to couture fashion
36.Buy a lottery ticket
37.Make pasta from scratch
38.Get a piercing
39.Flower press
40.Try 3 different types of tea
41.Drink more water (litres and litres and litresssss)
42.Be able to sign a song (sing in Sign language)
43.Visit some gardens
44.Go in a jacuzzi
45.100 sit ups everyday
46.Actually complete a squat challenge
47.Buy my Goddaughter a present
48.Make my room look nice (for once)

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