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I just graduated a couple of weeks ago, and am now looking for graduate jobs. I have a few interviews lined up for the summer, and still have some applications to complete so hopefully I'll get more, but so far it's become apparent that the recruitment process for most jobs at this level tends to be fairly long and drawn-out. I'm having a lot of financial problems at the moment, so I need another job to keep me going until I can get accepted for a graduate job. I have an interview for a job working in Debenhams on Friday, just a minimum wage thing to get me by, but it's actually starting to stress me out quite a lot because I'm worried about what to do about potentially working at Debenhams while searching for something better!

Has anyone been in a similar situation, or have any advice?
- How should I handle the interview at Debenhams? Should I just be completely honest with them and tell them that I'm searching for a graduate job at the same time? I don't want to hurt my chances of getting this job, but I also don't feel comfortable going behind their back to look for something better.
- How do I handle taking time off to go to job interviews? All the interviews are in London, and I'm really far away from London, and, because I don't have much money at the moment I'll have to travel there and back by bus, which means I'll need to take two days off work for each interview, as I'll spend one day travelling. The job at Debenhams is full-time, so it looks like I'll have to actually take time off, instead of being able to just rearrange a few shifts.
- I have no idea how long it'll take me to be offered a graduate job; my first interview is in three weeks; if I'm successful I don't know how soon I'd start, it might be almost immediately, or they might have a date in mind, (I haven't been able to find any information on the vacancy page, but I'm thinking of calling them all tomorrow to find out when the expected start dates are), but I would feel really bad about leaving my job at Debenhams after such a short amount of time. Obviously I need to do what's best for me and my future, so I'll need to take a grad job as soon as it's offered to me, but I still feel guilty. Does anyone have any advice for what to do if I need to leave the job so soon?

The job at Debenhams is a full-time, 'permanent' position, which makes all this harder to organise.

I'm just getting quite stressed out about it all. I need to prioritise my future career, so I need to do everything I can to make sure I get the graduate job I want, but at the same time I need money and I can't afford to wait until a job offer comes along. I just don't want to mess anyone around, so if I do get this job at Debenhams, I'm not sure how to handle it all in a respectable way.

(Obviously this is all assuming I actually manage to get the job at Debenhams! If not, none of this will matter, but I'll need to somehow find another way of making money while waiting for a grad job!)

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