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What universities did you apply to? watch


    (Original post by fully)
    Oxford - maths - unconditional
    Durham - geography - unconditional
    Leeds - medicine - unconditional
    Manchester - microbiology - unconditional - accepted
    Bristol - medicine - rejected
    Nottingahm - medicine - rejected

    Going to manchester as loved the department, city and accommodation. They gave the impression that they valued my application as much as I valued their offer... not like oxford (wadham) who drilled into me how lucky I was to be even considered!!
    i swear you've posted this three times now, what a-levels did you take? maths, futher maths, chemistry, geography and biology seems to be the only combination which could get you onto that variety of degrees.

    I'm bored so figure might as well add mine..

    Durham (Aidans)-Geography-Unconditional-accepted!
    Really like Durham and have accepted, can't wait for October

    Leeds-Geography and Education-Unconditional
    Really liked Leeds too and think I would be perfectly happy there! I really love the city and the department and people seem really nice, but liked Durham even better so unfortunately couldn't accept!

    Warwick-Early Childhood Studies-Unconditional
    Don't want to do this subject anymore so didn't really consider Warwick. Drove past the place though, seemed kinda in the middle of nowhere and the buildings were hardly impressive. But apparently a good uni!

    Have never been here and don't really know much about it but seems ok, doesn't really have as good reputation as Durham or Leeds though

    Same as Hull really, don't know much about the place

    Stranmillis College (in Ireland)-Early Childhood Studies-Withdrawn
    I applied here as a back-up in case nowhere else accepted me but funnily enough its the only place that I was actually rejected (well, 'withdrew'). It was withdrawn because I didn't attend their interview (i got told 3 days before the interview and live in australia!! so obviously couldn't attend!)

    So there you go, thats a summary of my uni's!

    Might as well post mine:

    Oxford, Open offer, MChem Chemistry, AAA, Firm - Disappointed about the open offer, but everything about the place is fantastic. Can't wait til October!

    Durham, Collingwood, MChem Chemistry, ABB, Insurance - Had a great time when I stayed over. I like this place a lot. People there were fantastic and the place is wonderful, even if it is up north.

    Warwick, MChem Chemistry, BBCC, Declined - Excellent campus, good accomodation and lively. Shame about it's location; Coventry is terrible. Was going to be my Insurance until I visited Durham. Turned down the offer of a scholarship.

    Imperial College, MSci Chemistry, AAA, Decined - A most terrible place. Did not like Imperial at all. I would hate to study there.

    Bristol, MSci Chemistry, BBC, Declined - Was three hours late for interview, but they liked me there. I know it's a good place but there was nothing that special that appealed to me.

    Nottingham, MSci Chemistry, BBC, Declined - Only put this down to take up the last slot on the UCAS form. Good decision since had a good time when I went there. Nice campus and city.

    (Original post by rah)
    i swear you've posted this three times now, what a-levels did you take? maths, futher maths, chemistry, geography and biology seems to be the only combination which could get you onto that variety of degrees.
    Yeah, I keep seeing this thread and replying, then remembering I've already replied and then deleting the old one - thought I'd only done it twice though??

    I did A level maths when I was 15, I'm doing Biology, Chemistry, F. maths and Geography now.

    I applied for Foundation courses in 2003, as I don't have A-levels. Applied to:

    University of Central Lancashire - Foundation Year, then BA History, invited for interview, didn't really want to go there considering other offers, so I didn't bother
    University of Derby - Year Zero, then BA History, Unconditional offer, I declined
    University of Glamorgan - Foundation Year, then BA History, cancelled the choice
    Manchester Metropolitan - Foundation Year, then BA History, Unconditional offer, I accepted
    Manchester Metropolitan - Foundation Year, then BA Geography/History, Unconditional offer, I declined
    University of Lampeter - Foundation Year, then BA History, Conditional offer on passing short OU course, I declined

    This year, applying to other unis after discovering I hated Man Met and the town. Was very worried I wouldn't get in anywhere as I applied late, but someone took pity on me lol:
    University of Birmingham - Ancient History. Conditional offer (pass foundation year) on a place on similar course, Archaeology and Ancient History
    University of Cardiff - Ancient History and Archaeology. Choice cancelled, as they were taking ages.
    University of Liverpool - Combined honours - Ancient History, Archaeology, Egyptology. Rejected, and I was really upset at the time.
    University of Newcastle - Ancient History and Archaeology. Conditional offer (pass foundation year). Recently changed to Ancient History course, hoping to get in.
    University of Wales, Swansea - Ancient History and Egyptology. Conditional offer (pass foundation year). My dream course, but not too good overall, and too far from home.
    UCL - Ancient World Studies. Rejected. Again, i was upset.

    Very pleased to be hopefully going to Newcastle
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