applying for a visa without accommodation yet (UK)

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Hey everyone,

I'm coming from Canada to study Law at the University of Bristol in the UK this September, and as I am working through my visa application I see that I need to have an address to give them to continue with the forms. Since finding a place to live can take some time (as a mature student I'm not looking to live on residence), I'm wondering if there is a way around this box so I can submit the app and receive my visa on time. For example, could I temporarily put the address of the uni and change it later? Or MUST you have accommodation set up for your arrival at the time of your application?

Thanks all in advance!
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I was in this exact same situation and my uni (Queen Mary) has a guide that suggested the following:

"It may be that you have not yet arranged your accommodation in the UK and do not yet have UK contact information. This is not a requirement of the Immigration Rules, but it is a good idea to at least include an e-mail address and a telephone number, just in case the Home Office need to contact you. Unfortunately, the form will not allow you to leave Line 1 of the address field blank. You could write something like "not yet confirmed". When you have arranged your accommodation, you should let the Home Office know that your details have changed. You can do this online:"

I did and was successful. Hope you're successful as well. Good luck


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