Kid Brothers and Sisters how to cope?

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Ive agreed that I will look after my kid brother and sister aged 9 and 11 over the six weeks that they are off school. Im getting paid for it but i dont think ill be able to cope. My sister is autistic and she non-stop cries for hours when things don't go her way.

My brother is really naughty and winds up my kid sister even more. It is draining and ill be looking after them from about 7 in the morning till either two in the afternoon or two in the afternoon till 6 on the night.

I also have to do the housework which I dont mind but when you have screaming kids around you its hard work. Im already tired from looking after them as it is and im depressed as anything.

How can I get through this?
lou p lou
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sounds like you're going to have a really tiring summer. is there anyone else you can share the job with? (like do every other day or just mornings etc.)

try videos to distract them while you're doing the housework- at least it'll give you 2/3 hours to yourself(ish). what does your mum/dad do to keep them occupied?

good luck
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I have the same kind of problems with my nephews and niece. I get the pleasure of looking after them for the 3 weeks while im not on my hols. I usually just get some friends round and get them to help (little boys tend to listen to good looking girls they just met). I usually have to buy my friends a lot of drinks on the following Friday night as a repayment but without them I would be clinically insane by now.
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