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Help me please! I am currently 17 and have had the problem with a short Frenulum (banjo string) since I was 14 as I am able to retract my foreskin when flaccid but when erect it becomes tight and turns white and feels like its going to snap. Because of this I have finally got the courage to tell my dad and booked an appointment with my gp next friday but I am now getting to know a girl and would like this sorted out as soon as possible as so many of my relationships have been ruined due to not being able to do things with my previous girlfriends and this one im really serious about so I am finally getting it sorted but was wandering how long will it take to get this sorted on the NHS and can I go private when 17 years old and get the op privately on finance and if I were to go private how much would it cost?
Please help this problem is making me stress and unable to sleep at night and is ruining my life at the moment...
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Your GP may try a steroid cream and stretching exorcises before resorting to surgery this may be all the help you need there's no benefit in worrying about going private until you've spoken with your GP. As for how long you'd have to wait is like asking how long is a piece of string. I once waited 13 months for eye surgery.

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