how common is it for you to switch courses when you join the university.

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So long story short. When applying for uni this year my parents didn't want me to do a psychology degree because they thought it was a terrible subject that would limit my job prospects.

So I then settled down with applying for geography which was my original choice until I found out how well I did at AS psychology. (I really like geography as well don't get me wrong when reading this)

I however, did not enjoy the a level that we did and granted I want to focus on the human side of it which I will get the opportunity at university to do. I however, at A level had to do both ecosystems and plate tectonics which have therefore limited my grade significantly this year I feel. This is for AQA geography.

Like I expected I did really well on the human 25 markers. I believe I also did well on the ecosystems 25 markers, but the 40 marker for plate tectonics was quite challenging. I wish we had chosen to do 2 human and 1 physical topic rather the other way round. So overall I think I will have gotten a B. I got a B in AS and thought I could catch up at A2 because previously the teachers taught 2 human and 1 physical topic but they changed it this year, although I was very close to the boundaries I need like 3 UMS over the A grade in both A2 exams to get an A overall but I am not that hopeful to be honest.

Whereas, in psychology last year I got 90% in my AS and this year I only therefore need 2 B's to get an A overall. And I believe I have a chance at getting an A*. This is what led to me to want to do psychology because it is very interesting subject and I am very good at the subject. Whereas geography I am really good or at least I find the human side very interesting but the physical (ecosystems in particular) very boring and more difficult.

I want to become a teacher after uni so that is why I have to do a geography degree which has a grounding in both physical and human modules. Granted this is mainly for the first year where you do the exact same topics as you would if you choose to do the physical geography degree. I also get to go to New York paid for with my tuition fees so that is a bonus of doing the course.

Basically the dilemma is that my parents now don't care whether I switch degrees so I am considering doing it at my firm uni. However, I need higher grades to be able to do so AAB instead of ABB.

I basically just want advice as to how it works? Whether for example I am allowed to experience geography lectures for the first 3 weeks and then if I feel it is not the best degree for me I can then switch to psychology?
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Usually you'll have a period at the beginning of the year when you can switch courses and modules, the time you have to choose varies between unis and in some cases departments but it's usually 2-4 weeks.

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