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This is a list of the straight Psychology courses in Clearing, sorted by the grades they usually ask for (although they will likely be more lenient than this in Clearing). If the course has an asterisk next to it, that means it's not BPS accredited. This list may change before results day due to accidental listings or the universities not having sufficient information, so I will update it in a couple of weeks.

AAA or Above:
Newcastle - Psychology C800 (AAA-ABB)
Southampton - Psychology C800 (AAA-AAB)
Surrey - Psychology with an Optional Sandwich Year C800
Sussex - Psychology C800 (AAA-AAB)

AAB or Equivalent:
Aston - Psychology C800 (AAB-ABB)
Aston - Psychology with a Sandwich Year C801 (AAB-ABB)
Bangor - Psychology C800 (280-340 UCAS)
UWE Bristol - Psychology with Optional Sandwich Year C800 (340 UCAS)
City - Psychology C800 (340 UCAS)
Goldsmiths - Psychology C800 (AAB-ABB)
Kent - Psychology C800
Lancaster - Psychology C800/C802
Lancaster - Psychology with Study Abroad C801/C803
Leicester - Psychology C800
Loughborough - Psychology C800 (AAB-ABB)
Loughborough - Psychology with a Sandwich Year C801 (AAB-ABB)
QMUL - Psychology C800 (AAB-ABB)
Reading - Psychology C800 (AAB-ABB)
Reading - Psychology with Professional Placement C810 (AAB-ABB)
Sheffield - Psychology C800
Swansea - Psychology C800 (AAB-ABB)

ABB or Equivalent:
Aberdeen - Psychology C800 (Second Year Entry)
Bath Spa - Psychology C800 (280-320 UCAS)
Birkbeck - Psychology C800 (320 UCAS)
Bournemouth - Psychology C800 (280-320 UCAS)
UCLAN - Psychology C800 (ABB-BBC)
Chichester - Psychology C800 (ABB-BBC)
Coventry - Psychology with Optional Sandwich Year C800
UEA - Psychology C800
UEA - Psychology with a Year Abroad C80A
Essex - Psychology C800 (ABB-BBB)
Essex - Psychology with a Year Abroad BA C801/BSc C803 (ABB-BBB)
Gloucestershire - Psychology C800 (320 UCAS)
Greenwich - Psychology C800 (320 UCAS)
Kingston - Psychology C800 (320 UCAS)
Lincoln - Psychology C800 (320 UCAS)
Liverpool - Psychology C800
Northumbria - Psychology C800 (320 UCAS)
QUB - Psychology C800
Strathclyde - Psychology C800

BBB or Equivalent:
Aberdeen - Psychology C800
Bolton - Psychology C801 (300 UCAS)
Brunel - Psychology C801
Buckingham - Psychology C800
Chester - Psychology C800 (BBB-BBC)
De Montfort - Psychology C800 (300 UCAS)
Dundee - Psychology BSc/MA C800
Edge Hill - Psychology C800
Heriot-Watt - Psychology C800
Huddersfield - Psychology C800 (300 UCAS)
Hull - Psychology C800 (300 UCAS)
Keele - Psychology C803 (ABC/BBB)
Liverpool Hope - Psychology C800 (BBB-BCC)
Manchester Metropolitan - Psychology C800 (280-300 UCAS)
Manchester Metropolitan - Psychology with Study Overseas 4A37 (280-300 UCAS)
Oxford Brookes - Psychology C800
Plymouth - Psychology C800
Portsmouth - Psychology with Optional Sandwich Year C800 (300 UCAS)
Roehampton - Psychology C800 (300 UCAS)
Salford - Psychology C802 (300 UCAS)
Sheffield Hallam - Psychology C800 (300 UCAS)
Staffordshire - Psychology C800 (300 UCAS)
UWL - Psychology C800 (260-300 UCAS)
Westminster - Psychology with an Optional Sandwich Year C801
Winchester - Psychology C800 (260-300 UCAS)
York St John - Psychology C800 (300 UCAS)

BBC or Equivalent:
Abertay - Psychology C800
Aberystwyth - Psychology C800 (280 UCAS)
Aberystwyth - Psychology with a Year in Industry WF7F (280 UCAS)
Aberystwyth - Psychology with a Year Abroad N1FW (280 UCAS)
Bedfordshire - Psychology C800 (280 UCAS)
Birmingham City - Psychology C800
Bishop Grosseteste - Psychology C214* (280 UCAS)
Bucks New Uni - Psychology C800 (240-280 UCAS)
Cardiff Metropolitan - Psychology C800 (280 UCAS)
UEL - Psychology C800 (280 UCAS)
Hertfordshire - Psychology with Optional Study Abroad C800 (280 UCAS)
London South Bank - Psychology C800 (280 UCAS)
Middlesex - Psychology with Optional Sandwich Year C800 (280 UCAS)
Newman - Psychology C800 (280 UCAS)
Northampton - Psychology C800 (260-280 UCAS)
Nottingham Trent - Psychology C800 (280 UCAS)
Nottingham Trent - Psychology with a Sandwich Year C801 (280 UCAS)
Stirling - Psychology C800
South Wales - Psychology C800 (280 UCAS)
Worcester - Psychology C800 (280 UCAS)

BCC or Equivalent:
Bradford - Psychology C801
Canterbury Christ Church - Psychology C800 (260 UCAS)
Derby - Psychology C800 (260 UCAS)
Glyndŵr - Psychology C800 (260 UCAS)
Leeds Trinity - Psychology C800 (260 UCAS)
London Metropolitan - Psychology C800 (260 UCAS)
St Mary's, Twickenham - Psychology C800 (260 UCAS)
Sunderland - Psychology C800 (260 UCAS)
Teesside - Psychology C800 (260 UCAS)

CCC or Equivalent:
Anglia Ruskin - Psychology C800 (240 UCAS)
Southampton Solent - Psychology C800 (240 UCAS)
UWS - Psychology C800

CCD or Below:
UHI - Psychology C800 (BC)
Wolverhampton - Psychology BSc C800/MSci C801 (220 UCAS)

In addition to these universities, some other universities are offering similar courses that aren't straight Psychology (I don't know how many of these are BPS accredited):

Cumbria - Applied Psychology
Edinburgh Napier - Psychology with Sociology
Leeds Beckett - Psychology and Society
Liverpool John Moores - Applied Psychology
Royal Holloway - Criminology and Psychology
Trinity Saint David - Applied Psychology
York - Psychology in Education
Newcastle University
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Hello Psychologists!

Thanks to paradoxicalme for putting together another really useful post

The official Clearing website for Newcastle University is available here and we do expect to have some places on our Psychology BSc (and also some for Joint Honours in Biology & Psychology, Mathematics & Psychology and Nutrition & Psychology). The list is provisional right now but you can register for alerts to get updates Image

Our standard offer for Psychology is AAA-ABB, and lower offers are usually given to people with science/maths A Levels. During Clearing the majority of courses will have places for people who achieve ABB or above Image At a minimum, you'll need a B in GCSE Maths plus a science subject.

The Newcastle University forum will have a stickied Clearing thread going up soon and posts from this official account come from me (a recent Newcastle Uni graduate) and Christina (current Newcastle Uni student).

If you have any questions about Newcastle just let us know Image



Our final list has gone up and we have places available for:

Our Clearing hotline opens tomorrow at 7.30am and UK students can call us free on 0800 073 50 50
The University of Buckingham
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Hello potential Psychology students!

I agree with Persephone, this is a really useful post, so thank you for posting!

We have places available on all our undergraduate and postgraduate courses starting this September.If you are making a late application, or if you are concerned you may not meetthe requirements of your offers elsewhere, take the important next step and apply to Buckingham.

We also have a January start if you want to take some timebefore coming here.

Our two-year undergraduate degrees are cost-effective compared to three-year degrees and also mean you'll graduate faster and also our excellent student to staff ratio means you'll get lots of time with our lecturers.

You can see our official clearing page here: and if you have any questions,you can chat with us any day on our website, or contact me on here.

We also do tours throughout the week if you'd like to visit our beautiful campus and see it for yourself.

Staffordshire University
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Hey everyone

I just thought I'd confirm our Psychology places that will be in clearing.

We have other choices of psychology related courses which I'll list here:

BSc (Hons) Psychology
BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology
BSc (Hons)Psychology (with Foundation Year)
BSc (Hons) Psychology and Child Development
BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling
BSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology
BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Psychology

If you'd like any more information about any of the courses or clearing in general then feel free to ask me We've also got a clearing hotline that anyone can call (even if they're not thinking about Staffs uni) for more info and advice about clearing: 0370218624

You can also check out the FAQ in the Staffs uni forum for more info about Staffs Also check out the Staffs Clearing page for more clearing tips and advice

Good luck with your application!

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This is a great post Paradoxicalme, thanks for putting it together, I'm sure many will agree it's very useful.

We have the following courses available in clearing...
BSc (Hons) Psychology
BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling
BSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology

If you click here, you will be directed to our clearing site, if you then click on 'show courses' you will be able to search for your course from our clearing list.

If your chosen course is not available then we will try and show closest alternative matches.
Call our clearing hotline for FREE on 0300 555 5030 we are open today from 9am to 5pm or reply to this post if you have any other questions, I will be more than happy to help.

Good luck!
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Loving this post! Super useful information for all the psychologists of the future!

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