"Mathematics" vs. "Mathematics and Statistics" for a career in finance Watch

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So... I am stuck with a dilemma. I have just completed the first year of my BSc Maths course.

Having considered realistically what career opportunities I will be seeking upon my graduation, I decided that I'll be looking for jobs in finance or quantitative analysis. I realise that my degree is very theoretical, and that there is a strong chance that I'm better off studying something more practical. It so happens that my university offers a degree in "Mathematics and Statistics", and I can still switch to it right now without having to do any extra credits. Should I go for it?

I have a couple of concerns about switching:

1. I'm not too crazy about statistics. I hated S1 at A-Level, and actually managed to enjoy about half of the statistics module in my first year of uni (I liked that it focused more on the applications of statistics in the real world), but hypothesis testing reminded me why I disliked it in the first place. I still got a good grade, but probably not as good as my pure maths modules.

2. After I get my degree, I will be moving to the United States. And my boyfriend (an American), who is by no means an expert when it comes to higher education (he works in the military and does not have a university degree), claims that American employers are not terribly keen on joint honours degrees. I don't know whether to believe him or not, but it does raise some concerns.

If I choose to stick with the Maths degree, I will have the opportunity to take statistics modules in my third year of uni. But will that be enough?

Would really appreciate some advice!! Thanks in advance!
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Not sure about America.. But from my experience here in the UK it dosent matter an awful lot as to which degree you do. Finance is very big you have to specify what it is in finance you'd like to go into..

For example if it's accountancy then it wouldn't matter at all cause the only maths you do is arithmetic literally... On the other hand if you were to wanted to actuarial science which is much more mathematically inclined then you'd b better off doing some stats.

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