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So I'm in year 9 but we started our gcse courses six weeks before we broke up. I started with double science but decided to move to triple and so now, I am unsure of whether my revision books will be of any use. I have the cgp core and additional books, would it be best to return these and instead buy bio, chem and phys? or should I buy bio, chem and phys on top of the ones I already have?

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The short answer: Keep the revision books.

The long answer: It depends, as most of the information will be covered by those revision guides. However, you will need to purchase a revision guide for the further additional.

Core Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology
These will all be covered by the revision guides you have.

Additional Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology
These will be covered by the revision guides you have.

Further Additional Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology
These will not be covered with the revision guides you have, so you either need to swap or buy the further additional science revision guide, or a triple science revision guide from another publisher although it's probably best to stick with the same series.

*NOTE: I recommend you buy the textbooks for Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They contain a lot more information that isn't in the textbooks you should have been given/will be given, and some of this does come up in the exam. The CGP textbooks are longer than the revision guides, but explain the reasoning behind what you will need to learn - I only found them a few weeks before my exam, and they definitely helped.

Also, start learning and revising content AT LEAST in the Summer Holiday of Year 10. If you leave it till Year 11, or as I did (Christmas 2015) you'll struggle to balance the revision for Triple Science with your other subjects, especially if you have any creative subjects like Art or Textiles (or both, that really is the killing combination).

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