No sympathy for smokers with COPD

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Smoking is the single largest factor that speeds up deterioration of lung function in COPD. The disease can break down alveoli in the lungs and cause them to merge, so that breathing can become like trying to inflate a paper bag.
I have absolutely no sympathy for patients who continue to smoke after being diagnosed with COPD. Your lung function inevitably going decrease in the disease, so why the hell would someone want to make it 100x worse by smoking?
I just can't understand it, and it makes me want to punch your lights out.
Rant over
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I tend to agree though its not always that simple. There is no excuse for younger people taking up smoking but a lot of older people come from generations where smoking was acceptable and it was deemed almost a healthy social pass time.

There is even a sexy nurse scenario thrown in for good measure..

Even as late as the 70's and 80's smoking was normal. Why you could even smoke on an airplane,,hard to believe isnt it?

Can you believe that inflight smoking wasnt banned in the US until 1988??

So its no surprise that we have lots of people of older generations now having cancer and COPD.

Of course you dont have to have smoked to suffer COPD.

So why are so many younger people taking up smoking? Are they stupid or mainly from certain socio economic backgrounds?

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