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I'm hoping to apply to the Hospital as a Bank Healthcare Assistant, I've wanted to do this for awhile now but every time I go to apply I get to the supporting information bit and draw a blank. However, today, I sat down and completed a first draft which I would like any advice on as to what to include, what not to include, what works and what doesnt and just general critique.

Be as harsh as you need to be because I feel that's the best way for me to learn really but please just be constructive.

I appreciate any and all advice I think the intro is pretty long and waffley so I'm definitely gonna have to amend that I reckon but yeah...

Anyway, without further adieu, here it goes:

I am applying to the NHS with the intention of attaining the position of Healthcare Assistant. This desire has been shaped throughout my life through various reasons, the first and most prominent being my Mother. Since first immigrating to the United Kingdom sought a profession as a Nurse in the midwifery ward and has since gone on to span an 18 year career in the field. Thus, as a child, I regarded the Hospital as an institution of hope, healing the wounded and the sickly without objection. As I grew older and my understanding of the world developed, I learned the history of the NHS, a service started after World War II which introduced the world to Healthcare that was free at point-of-use and I was endowed with such awe to learn that this was the only country to do so. Immediately, I believed that it was therefore an infrastructure deserving of much respect and reverence. A keen interest in the sciences as a child, namely Biology and Chemistry only served to spur my desire to work as part of the NHS, to the extent that throughout my time at school I chose a science based pathway and am now studying Biomedical Sciences at The University of The West of England. I have also undertaken Work Experience in a Health related setting, first working at the Leonard Cheshire Home for Disability in Leckhampton, Cheltenham as well as working at the Woodstock Nursing Home for the Elderly in Barnwood, Gloucester. Having also been a patient of the Orthopaedic ward for 2 separate injuries (Tibial plateau fracture as well as an olecranon fracture 3 years afterwards), I have gotten to see the practice from the practitioner and the patient side and thus, I see and understand healthcare industry as a vital and integral part of British society and I would like to be a part of that. Much like how the NHS has helped to improve my life, I would like to pass it forward and help to improve the lives of others. To me, that is the satisfaction one should desire from a job. I believe that I meet the required criteria necessary to undertake such a career, I am a flexible and adaptable individual with experience working as such but also as part of a team and I am also able to learn and recall new things easily. I also have previous experience of working under pressure in a busy, demanding working environment which I feel I can bring to the role.
Through education, previous employment as well as everyday life, I have gained various skills and experiences which I would say make me a good candidate for the position. Along with balancing my studies with presentation planning as part of my role as Head Boy at my Sixth Form, my time at Footlocker was instrumental to developing my multi-tasking skills as we were quite a small team so it was important to be able to balance serving several customers at a time whilst doing a stock take. My interpersonal skills were honed in my work as a bar tender, it is a job which requires a lot more personality than people may perceive as you are dealing with people in various states, from the sober to the inebriated and it is important to always remain polite and approachable, explaining our range of beverages and snacks, making light conversation and even sometimes having to turn people away from the bar due to their intoxication. This was one of the busiest and most strenuous jobs I have undertaken along with my work at Footlocker but it was important to rise above the challenge in order to deliver a great service to the customer.
Time management is a crucial attribute which has been a large factor in all things I have undertaken throughout my life, it has been integral to my studies, work and also personal endeavours. Initially, this was an issue that I feel has come back to bite me on occasion but I have developed a method of more effectively using my time with the simple act of making lists and ticking off my accomplished tasks. This has helped me during my studies for my first year of university exams and has also been beneficial in making sure that I have all of my equipment prepared before practical classes etc. so this is an issue I have solved.
Self-motivation and initiative are two skills that I would say I pride myself on, when I set myself a goal I strive to achieve it and persevere through the obstacles before me. Footlocker was a target based environment, we were expected to meet a certain amount of insole and multi-sales, and this meant that every shift we had to be prepared to push this agenda in new, exciting ways. I always made sure I reached between 50%-75% multi sales in my day and for this I am very proud. My approach to learning has also been very self-motivated, I am someone who, if I do not understand what I have learnt in the lecture, will ask the lecturer questions to ensure that I have a good enough grasp so that when I am in the library reviewing my notes, I fully understand what it is that has been taught, this was my approach to learning the fundamentals of the Autonomic Nervous System.
I have a lot of experience working with computer programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. having a GCSE in ICT and in all of my previous work experience have used computers in some form, be it at the till or to research things such as the different forms of dementia. I would say that my understanding of computers in fairly proficient and I am confident I can learn anything new pertaining to this.
For these reasons, I believe myself to be a good candidate for the Healthcare Assistant role and I hope that you do too and take my application into consideration. I am determined to help make a difference and I feel that this I perhaps the best place to begin that journey.
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to be honest, I think that is more than adequate. It's a little more extensive than what I did for my supporting info and I thought mine was overkill. Compared to some of the people you will find yourself working with your grasp of grammar and spelling far surpasses what you will encounter so I shouldn't worry too much. However just be warned that it may take a few rejections before you get to assessment stage, purely because of how many applications they get. Always best to get it in ASAP after the job appears. Best of luck!
Adetutu Adesoye
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Thank you for posting this. I really like it and yes

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