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I'm picking firm and insurance choices and have 3 offers for chemistry all ABB, one offer for' materials science and engineering' ABB, and chemical physics AAB
i think i'll get A in chem, A or B in single maths, and B in physics and further maths. there's a possibility of C in further maths because i had so many exams at once, though.

materials SCIENCE and chemical physics both offer a chance in more physicsy applications that i find interesting, more so than i find chemistry's most times (it's so hard to keep track what new tings are a result of which sciences/engineering areas aha), but i'm not that interested in that many types of materials areas, and there's a lot of topics in phases and toughness of materials that just seem so boring. But i like nanotechnology, physical chemistry, spectroscopy, and more new/useful applications, electronics... like i said i like some chemistry of materials over the physics of them.

i thought id prefer chemical physics to materials science and engineering,

I'm not the best at physics, i find it pretty hard, i think i'll get a B in it. i do probably find it the most interesting if focussing on wuantum, nuclear, light, thermo things like that, thats why i picked chemical physics, it has a lot oh chemistry but also some physics.

the chemical physics uni is so far away, i don't know why this affects me other than being so unsure about any course and going to uni maybe which i've always felt, but i'll prbably like being at uni when i'm there.
the chemical physics course looks unlikely to get intoo, it's also NOT ACCREDITTED, is this important?

and the difference between materials applications after uni and the course contents look pretty different, maybe i should give materials a go?

i don't absolutely hate the idea of engineering as am still open to learning engineering, (there are times when i don't think i'd mind any thing i find boring if i' find im interested in making a product at the end) especially since i'm so undecided on any course maybe what i need is something new to try. i've short listed all these because i have an interest in them and they contain a fair bit of chemistry, my strongest. It is easier though, so how reliable this is i really don't know.

can anyone say anything on choosing a firm and insurance?

any qs to help clear this up please ask away
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what did you end up doing?

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