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I am very lucky to be offered two great jobs but I don't know how to decide and what to pick!
I got offered in Cardiac HDU in a hospital south of England and general Surgical ward in one of London's acute hospital.
I've looked at reviews and comments from patient's experience and Care Quality Commission (CQC) reviews to make my mind up, but it seems to make me even more indecisive!!

My dream job is to definitely specialise in Cardiology and I am very passionate about it. And I really want to work in acute and critical settings. I feel like accepting cardiology now is like I just took a short cut. I'm not keen on the area of the hospital there but it's much cheaper living in that area though, compared to london. CQC reviews about the hospital and the department were generally positive, stating that the staff were very supportive of one another. I also had a think about if I decided to move to another area? Will I be able to handle more than 2 patients in wards?

I also wanted to experience living in london while I'm still young. I've seen the reviews in CQC for the hospital and it wasn't great! In fact their well-led category is very inadequate! Whereas, in CHDU hospital it was "required improvement". But, I have toured the ward and it seemed decent, chaotic and unorganised but decent. The nurse to patient ratio is 1:6. The ward manager is very keen on educating the staff with courses and highlighted that it is easy to advance in their hospital. The ward it self specialised in colorectal and upper GI with 4 HDU beds attached to the ward, although they don't expect me to work in HDU for couple of months. Is this an ideal starting point for newly qualified? Get a ward experience first before advancing to HDU? But then again, the CQC reviews scares me to work there!

Please give me advice on how you would go about deciding between the two jobs?

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