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Journey time London to Bristol (driving)

Hi, sorry about this question cause its more about travel than the actual uni,
basically ive been invited in for a sociology open day this wednesday and it starts at 11.30.

I was wondering if anyone knows how long it will take to drive to Bristol from London ( i love in the north london suburbs if that affects it)?????

I was thinking of leaving about 8 but i have no idea how long it will take or what the traffic is like. I dont want to be late obviously but if i leave really early il get caught up in the rush hour traffic. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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It normally takes us like from two to two and a half hours when i used to go down there. But once there was traffic coming back n it was like 5 hours. Im goin in on Wednesday as well but i gotta be there at 11 so im gonna leave myself 3 hours leave about 8 o clock. If theres traffic im sure many people will be in the same situation but I think most traffic would be coming into London and by 11 it will be clearer in Bristol although traffic is heavy in Bristol. If you get there early you could always walk round. PS megabus (sure you've heard of it) rules train is too expensive!
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2 and a half hours. Well, it quite often takes me 3 hours because i have a mega break :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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It depends on where you live. It's strange - since the M4 goes right into the centre of London, it's actually quicker to get from central London - Bristol than it is to get from the suburbs - Bristol a lot of the time, surprisingly.

I'd leave three hours.

Traffic congestion in Bristol is notoriously bad, and it only gets worse on the open days, I'd expect.

And yeah, the MegaBus rules!
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Thanks for the advice guys.......i think i'll leave at 8 then, that should leave me enough time.