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Archaeology at York

I applied for equal History/Archaeology at York (entry 2007). My application was unsuccessful, but they offered me a place on the Historical Archaeology course. Has a similar thing happened to other people? Does anyone have any useful information about this course or the Archaeology course in general? Also, if anyone else has been given an offer on this course, have you been given info on when the post application open day is yet? Any replies would be much appreciated.:smile:

2007 Applications
Sheffield: History: Conditional AAB
Reading: History: Conditional 300 points
Lincoln: History: Conditional 120 points
Lancaster: History: Conditional ABB
Nottingham: History: Conditional AAB
York: Hist/Arch: Conditional BBB (Historical Archaeology)
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sorry can't help with most of your questions. But the archaeology department is housed in King's manor in the city centre. This is a very beautiful and atmospheric Jacobean building. I worked in the library the other day and it was very inspiring. In first year, think you'll be based on campus for lectures and seminars tho' (not sure how many tutorials you get in arch).

good luck with your decisions
University of York
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It predates the Jacobean period by a long stretch! Are you studying archaeology?
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I study archaeology in York, and yes the kings manor actually has Medieval origins (it is in the centre of York afterall). Im a first year student and i've found the course to be very enjoyable. I have 5 hours contact time per week, this term for example i have a lecture on monday, a lecture and a seminar on thursday and another lecture and seminar on friday. The work load is minimal compaired to other subjects but you are expected to do a lot of outside reading and general work outside the subject. Your first year also doesnt count towards your final mark which takes a lots off a lot of preasure.
I cant say i know much about the 'historical archaeology' course, infact i've never even heard of it until now, but if you have any other questions about the archaeology aspect just let me know.
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Blimey i didn't mean to upset all you archaeologists with my inaccurate dating! Maybe this quote from the short history on the uni website will make it up to you...

Following the Dissolution of the monasteries, the Manor was retained by the Crown and allocated to the Council of the North. It became the official residence of the President of the Council in 1561 and was gradually enlarged and extended westwards. Much of the building work was done during the reign of Elizabeth I. In the late 16th century, under the Earl of Huntingdon (President of the Council from 1572 to 95), residential wings and a service building were added. Ashlar work in the Manor after the 1560s is of reused stone from St Mary's Abbey. The Huntingdon Room in the Elizabethan extension has an impressive plaster frieze with the arms of Henry Hastings, Earl of Huntingdon. The Stuarts stayed regularly at the Manor en route from Edinburgh to London, and in their time a new U-shaped building created the present, curiously irregular first courtyard. The 17th century Council Chamber is now the Refectory. The decorative doorway at the main entrance is Jacobean.

Well at least I got the main doorway right. The library is still a nice quiet place to work in the early 21st century
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I got an offer for historical archaeology too, after i was rejected for history. I've accepted the archaeology offer and they've sent me an e-mail but it isn't on track yet. I just hope I like the course as its not my first choice. What would be my chances of transferring to history if I don't like it after all?

I haven't heard about the open day yet though they said they would contact me soon. Hope to see you at york next year baruch 2.

Reading, conditional BBB for history
Oxford Brookes, BBC
Chester BBC
Sheffield- rejected
Queen Mary's London, rejected.
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hotgoose, the new course sounds really interesting. i'm sure york is a better choice than your other offers.

switching into very competitive courses can be difficult even if you meet the entry requirements. it would depend on space being available too. i think it would be a high risk tactic - they have to discourage it or everyone who wants to do history or english, would apply to an easier course and then switch. that's just my opinion tho', maybe someone has first hand experience?

good luck
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I know its just i'm worried that if i don't like the course i'll be stuck with it for 3 years or have to change uni, which i really don't want to do. it does sound interesting but obviously i've never done it before so am still unsure if it's right for me.

Also, baruch 2, your other offers are really good (wish i'd got one of sheffield you lucky thing) so maybe you should accept one of them if you're unsure about the course at york.
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im in the same boat as you. i applied to study history but got offered archaeology. I've been sent an offer for Historical Archaeology but I don't know whether to accept it or not. I was thinking along the same lines as being sneeky and accepting the offer then trying to change once I get to York, I don't know whether it would work or not though!
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Yeah, I'm worried that it won't work though and I'll have to take a gap year. I think that because I won't get AAB (probs ABB) that they wouldn't let me transfer to history.
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History is highly competitive here at York, there is very little chance of a transfer.
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that was my suspiscion, maybe i just won't come to york?
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Archaeology is a great course, but if your heart is really set on History i wouldnt put all your eggs in one basket by keeping your fingers crossed in the off chance that you can switch courses, if however you have any questions about archaeology feel free to ask.
I've got an offer for History from York, but is it possible that I could change from that to the History/Archaeology course?
not sure if this is true or not, but back when i was at york i lived with archeologists.

they had the choice of the more historical side or the more scientific side. depending on the modules they would get BA or BSc Archeology. Its seems now that they have subdiveded these courses further in to hostorical and biological. I would say that the course structire woiuld be good.

I loved kings manor, I lived in the city centre and would work in the library there, its much better atmosphere than the main library.

Arch at York was brilliant as it was small, intermet ans oh so special for the students. If you go there you will not regret it.