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Hi all,

It's a scary prospect attending an assessment centre or an interview for an apprenticeship, school leaver programme or any other job to be honest! Who has one coming up?

To ensure that you are prepared as much as possible, follow these simple tips below to ace the next interview you find yourself in .

What is the STAR method and how can it help you?
STAR stands for situation, task, action, result, which means:-

- Situation: what was the situation that you faced? When did it happen?
- Task: what was the task you had to take part in? What was the objective of the task?
- Action: what action did you take to achieve your objective? How did you tackle the problem you faced?
- Results: what was the result of your actions? How did you measure your success? What did you learn from the situation (evaluation)?

Sounds good in principle, but how can STAR be applied to real world situations? Well, to show you, we’ve included an example of how you can fit it into a real world scenario below.

Question: "Describe a time when you have led a team".

- Situation: I was working for Waterstones as a sales assistant during the Christmas holiday period while the store was going through a rebrand.
- Task: As the store steadily became busier throughout the Christmas season, I was working in the children’s department. My job was to ensure smooth running of the rebrand while also providing consistently good customer service at the same time, as well as maintaining order on the shop floor.
- Action: To support the rebranding in the children’s department I had regular meetings with the store manager. This meant I was aware of when new stands or shelves were coming in and was able to manage my time effectively to help set these up in time for the reopening, while also fitting in time to work on the shop floor, manage customer service and keep the store tidy.
- Result: We achieved record sales during the Christmas period, a 50% increase on last year, while the rebrand continued with no issues. I was presented with employee of the quarter in recognition of how I managed the team.

For more tips, visit's blog post below. Let us know if you think the above is helpful or if you have any other questions? We're happy to help!

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