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With adjustment there are a couple of things to watch out for

First as the previous post suggests - ask about accommodation. You'll have a very different experience at any of these universities if you have to find private accommodation between now and the start of the course and live outside halls.

Secondly (and most importantly) be VERY clear with these universities that you have not accepted their offers YET and are still exploring your options.

When adjustment opens and you hit the button on Track on the 13th you don't submit your application to your chosen university (like in Clearing) instead ANY university that you've spoken to that believe you've accepted an offer can go in and pick you there is a risk if you've been speaking to multiple universities that one of them could misunderstand that you were asking for an offer and not accepting an offer and could go in and fish you out of adjustment.

Basically with all of them if they make you an offer thank them politely and explain that you will contact them on the 13th when you're in adjustment and would like them to formalise your place.
Okay that sounds reasonable, I have been exploring the accommodation that will be available even though I have started the adjustment process. As the OP has said which I myself have indeed noticed, Bristols accommodation due to the date isn't looking all the great unless I spend £££ where as with York they seem a lot more flexible with accommodation so as of the moment I am favouring York for accommodation but Bristol does seem to have more recognition regarding their Law degree.

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