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bringing my car to warwick

hey, is it possible to bring your car down to warwick for the duration of your course?now i know what people may think- you're at uni you don't need a car! but it would just be a big convenience and i love to drive, plus i could get a cheaper quote when i'm older.anyways i was just wondering if this is at all possible and if so is it limited to certain accomodations?
Officially the chances are very small. I do know a few people who have permits to park thier cars on campus for first year.
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
On the prospectus it does say that parking spaces are limited and they discourage students from bringing their cars unless there's a really good reason for it.
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For first years the permits are pretty expensive - nearly £500 I think.
Yeah seriously dont bring a car first year, u really wont need it. 2nd year on however is a different story, mines coming up next year for sure.
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Campus parking - the £450 permits - are usually applied for by final yrs. I will be a 4th yr next yr and living on campus but I need my car to get to places that aren't accessible by public transport at the weekend so I will be applying for one.
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ok yeh permits are £420 per year, you park in a multi-story on central campus, I have a flatmate (1st year ) who has brought his car and regrets it. To be honest it's not worth it if you're living on campus. The buses go everywhere reguarly and it would be cheaper to get taxi's everywhere than brig a car. Not many first years have them at all. If you live in Leam or Cov in the 2nd 3rd etc years, that's a different issure - you pay £120 for a day pass for a year - so you can park on campus all day.
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My friend brought his, didn't buy a permit and has parked it on-campus everyday since the start of his first year without any comeback.
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haha what do you mean by comeback? do they rinse your car?
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i'm sure you could get away without the permit.seems ickle bit steep imo
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It costs yeah about £400 to keep your car on campus. Not really worth it unless you're going to be going home every weekend etc.