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I'm studying... In my last year of secondary school

I'm interested in... Geography

My study level is... Scottish Highers
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(Original post by amcgaww)
I'm studying... In my last year of secondary school

I'm interested in... Geography

My study level is... Scottish Highers
Hey, welcome to :tsr: !!
How are you feeling about your results? There's tons of useful information and places to visit for questions, if I can't answer them here! :woo:

- You'll find the centre of everything you need to know in our SQA Results Day Hub- If you want to ask for advice and have questions about your results, then we have the Need advice about your SQA results? thread- There's also the Post results services 2015 thread and if you just want to have a general results day natter, head over to the SQA discussion thread- We've got loads of information about Scottish Universities, a Clearing Guide and an Adjustment Guide, as well UCAS Track

Obviously this is a lot to take in, but just have a look at what you need to, or ask me if you're looking for something in specific! :yep: I'll go over a few basics on how to get people's attention on here too!
Posting a new thread
- Head to the Scottish Qualifications forum- Click the 'post new thread' button- Write your post (psst. It doesn't need a label either Image)- Hit submit and your thread will be posted up! It's that easy! How about doing posting a new thread in other forums too? Image
Replying to someone's post
- To make sure someone gets a notification to say you've replied to them, press the icon at the bottom of their post that says reply. Their post will be 'quoted' at the start of yours.- Write your reply after their quote and press submit- they'll know you've responded now
Please let me know if you have any questions! :yes:

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