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The Great Hall at University of Leeds
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Can someone tell me what Ellerslie Hall is like?

Um...yeah title explains it...
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well i looked round it on an open day - the rooms are a decent size but they ratio of bathrooms to rooms isn't that fab in the non-ensuite rooms, they were a bit vague about explaining what the ratio was but from what i can remember all the bathrooms were half way up the staircases between the floors rather than on the floors
The Great Hall at University of Leeds
University of Leeds
Leeds looks really small as well....and i'm thinking that might not be that great for mixing with people and socialising...
Whatever you do don't go to Ellerslie! I was there last year and it was near enough £600 a month. I know the location is great but, for the actual accomodation it's not that good for the price you pay. Plus with only 120 people living there, not forgetting there are some international students which brings the number down to about 60/70 it is a bit constricted.

For the 120 people living there, there are 4 washing machines and 3 tubke dryers, I don't think at any one time all of the machines worked.

The cleaners didn't clean your room each week as was supposed to happen.

Charges were made to us for broken or damaged items which were not actually broken by us. As a punishment for this the common room was locked each night restricting the social interaction.

On top of this as it was a small halls and the location was brilliant a lot of meetings were held in the common room meaning it was out of bounds for the paying residents! I admit sometimes only half the common room was closed off but still for the amount you pay each month this isn't really on!

I'm not sure if the price will be lower this year with you not eating at Ellerslie, instead going to The Refectory but if I could choose my halls again I would opt for Devonshire. Some of my friends lived there and it was gorgeous. It's a little bit further towards Headingley (about a 15 minute walk from Ellerslie Hall) and a hell of a lot better.

You might want to check out the Ellerslie facebook group. Some of the past residents and sub wardens are members of the group so will be able to answer any questions you might have:

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