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Hi all,

I've received quite a few Clearing queries recently, so I thought it'd be helpful to let you all know about a couple of upcoming webinars we're hosting soon that are specifically on Clearing. I recommend signing up for them to get answers to any questions you may have!


"Preparing for Clearing – get to know Royal Holloway"
This webinar is for anyone researching other potential universities and want to find out more information about Royal Holloway, in preparation for the potential position of looking for a university through Clearing.

Date and time:
Monday 10 August 2015
Sign up here:

"Considering a place at Royal Holloway through clearing"
This webinar is for anyone who has received an offer from Royal Holloway through Clearing, and will contain practical information for students going through the Clearing process and want to know more information about Royal Holloway, such as accommodation and student life.

Date and time:
Thursday 13 August (Results Day)
Sign up here:

I hope you find these sessions useful!

Lastly, best of luck to all of you for your exam results and hope to be welcoming you as an official Royal Holloway student!

Best wishes,


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