Could a pan-european UCAS decrease fragmentation in admission policies in Europe?

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Hello everyone

Could a pan-european UCAS (a la CommonApp for the States) simplify the admission process for European universities?

Right now we have multiple different admission policies across the different countries. Some countries, like the UK, base admissions on A-level/IB grades, while others, like Italy, require further admission tests.

By standardizing our admission requirements we would make the application process easier and students will be encouraged to study in another country of the union. It will also simplify international applications, increasing the diversity of our student bodies and bringing in money.

This will give a chance to great universities in the union to become more popular. We already have dozens of amazing universities in Europe, which are overshadowed by the american counterparts (Ivies, Stanford, MIT, etc...). Even outside the Russell Group and the UK as a whole, there are world class universities like:
-ETH Zurich
-University of Amsterdam
-Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne
-Università Bocconi
-Karolinska Institute
And many others.

However complicated admission processes often cause students to decide against applying. Could a unified admission policy, overseen by a pan-european UCAS help decrease fragmentation and bring universities to a global stage?

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