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Leading in the GOP Primaries is one Donald Trump.

Sorry to bang on about one person, Donald Trump but what I want to mention is this the media hate him and are trying as many cheap shots as possible to bring him down.

Now what I want to mention is that the media thought those cheap shots would work but they didn't and his resistance just makes the public's positive view of him stronger.

This is because he is telling people; look we are all fed up with this rubbish. Rubbish rubbish rubbish lies lies lies, political correctness, corruption, false politics, false and incapable people with power who just keep it by playing politics. This is really big and it could remove big parts of the mass-media political complex. He is speaking to how we the common man and woman feel, suppressed and not allowed to express ourselves.

Donald Trump is a baby boomer but how is he related to the baby boomers in his politics? He is related as an antithesis to the baby-boomers.

Now, why has it taken till this point for someone this big to come out and say it. It has taken till this point because you had a whole generation that was into solipsism, self-gratification and narcissism and that was the baby boomers. Anyone challenging the paradigm was a killjoy, going to ruin the party this was, you might risk your money by talking like this. Anyone who challenged the paradigm was therefore shockingly stupid no matter how smart or knowledgeable they were. When they were done with their mad parties, all that mattered was ones achievements in terms of the outcome of the material system, and to get that you needed to conform. Tune in, turn on, sell out. They claimed to be flower power, hippies and rebellious music but all that was part of an act of selling out. Here comes the real revolution and it will be televised......

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