I have a huge problem that I need advice on.

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TL;DR is at the bottom, the bullet points containing the questions I need answers to.

This is a throwaway account just in case any of my friends or colleagues will look into this and tie the two together.

So I have a huge problem, a problem that might potentially turn my life around or not dependant on how much knowledge I think I have on that particular problem.

What is the problem?

The problem is that I haven't completed one assignment in my 2 year's of college and therefore risk of failing the entire programme because of it.
Why have I not completed the assignment, well there are many reasons but I don't think they are relevant at this point for any of you to know.

Now, the results day is in 2 days, and I need to know what to do. Do I go there? I already have a place at Uni that is apparently confirmed, and I already sent student finance papers for the loans out. So what do I do if I go there in 2 days and just get told that I failed?

It doesn't help that my family is at the stage where I might very possibly be sent back from England to pursue a forced military service or something else already. I was always a "star student" even before we moved to England and this is the first time where I have been in a real slump, so for the past 2 months my family has been calling me a lazy slob that has not found a job right after finishing college and that has been in their eyes doing nothing with his life.

How will they react if I step into the house and tell them that I basically wasted 2 years of my life to something silly? I have no clue.

What is even more strange to me and perhaps more scary is how silent the college is with me ever since I technically "finished" college. They have my address, they have my email and yet no correspondence has came from them to me, while my colleagues do get letters from them.

But enough of unimportant talking, here are just the bullet points for the questions that I need answered:

1.) Is there any way I might not get failed for not doing that one assignment
2.) What can I expect to find out on results day in my current situation (not completed one assignment for the 2 years of BTEC I've done in college)
3.) What to do if I got failed and I already got accepted into uni as well as sent out my student loan papers
4.) Is there really any way to get out of this situation?
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If you mean that you have finished a 2 year BTEC course but have not completed all of the units, then you won't Pass and therefore won't get a certificate.however, if this was the case, I'm surprised that your tutor didn't tell you this in July and give you an opportunity to submit it.
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What course did you do?
You say you didn't complete one of the Assignments, did the assignment contain a Pass task?
How many units did you complete?
How many of the completed units were Distinctions?

In all honesty im very suspicious about the authenticity of the OP, as I find it hard to believe that your college/tutor would allow you to put yourself in this position.

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