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Welcome to the International Lounge!


Whether you're new to IL or are an active member, it never hurts to have a little look at how things operate around here

What is the International Lounge?
The International Lounge is a place for TSR users from all corners of the world to get together. This is a great section to be in if you are living in Britain but have a different cultural heritage, or are living in other countries across the world. You'll find loads of different Societies for you to meet people from across the globe!

Does my thread fit here?
Are you an international user or want to chat to those who are? Perfect - post in this section!

If you want to post about International events, please post here. If you want to post about Internation Study, please post here. If you want to post about Traveling, please post here. If you want to share your survey with International Students, please post here! :woo:

I can't find a Society for me - can I start one?
Sure! Please let me or one of the other Community Support Team members (you can see our names down at the bottom) know so we can update the Society Index thread

Which rules apply here?
The same rules apply here as they did when you signed up. The off-topic rule is more relaxed here in the societies, so feel free to chat away, but please don't spam :nospam: You will also find in each society for each country, the rule on Foreign Languages does not apply :blah: However, please do not post offensively, avoid the swear filter, or break any other rule - thanks!

What happens when a thread reaches 10,000 posts?
You might notice some societies have more than one part or 'marks' e.g "TSR Pakistani Society - MKXIII". Once a thread reaches 10k posts, it will be locked and a new thread for the next part will be made. This happens automatically now, so no need to worry!

Why has my thread been removed/moved/merged?
Sometimes threads don't fit with the rules or they fit better in other areas of the site. We sometimes get similar threads posted too, so we merge them to stop too much repetition - for example the societies If you have any other questions about the moderation in the IL, please post in Ask the Community Team :yep:

Got any other questions?
Feel free to PM me, any of the Community Support Team, or ask the users in the International Lounge
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