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    Well i have done my O levels and my As Level. I am currently doing A2 level which will complete my A Levels. My grades in O level were average, they were:

    Computing 93 A

    Physics 82, Maths 89, Addmaths 87, Chemistry 84, English 87, Urdu 87. All B

    Islamiat 74 C

    Pakistan Studies 64 D

    1A, 6B, 1 C and 1 D

    Whereas in my AS level my grades were:

    Physics 91 A, Computing 95 A and Maths 93 A.

    3 A's Very Happy

    So those were my results, as you can see i worked my ass off in my AS levels. Too bad i didnt do the same in O level. Anyway im now applying for admissions in universities and i wanted to apply to the UK. Im not exactly sure which field should i go to. I personally want to go to any field related to Computer Studies or Telecommunication. I wanted to know how can i apply to universities in the UK and do i require SAT or Toefl and all that stuff? Also which universities are the best in Telecommunications and Computer Studies?

    And also, How do i apply to the University of manchester? Is that university any good in the fields i am intrested?

    A lvl is sufficient for entry to UK universities.

    SAT? I believe that is for US only.

    and oh... you apply to universities of your choice through an organisation called UCAS.


    Btw, you need 90%++ for As in every subjects? Wow....

    *speechless face here*

    With a B in O-level English I'm sure you satisfy the English language requirements to come to uni over here, obviously it'd be best for you to check with the unis your interested in applying to
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    Yea well my o level grades sucked. Actually i got ACD in AS level and then i gave physics and computing again in november and this time i worked my ass off and got A's in both of them. Im as much suprised as you are on my 3 A in AS Level. Actually my A level wont be complete till june this year and the result will come in august so it will be too late to apply after the A level results right? So i think i need to apply right now.

    Plus can someone help me out with which courses i should go for? Which universities are the best for courses related to Computers and Telecommunications? What is the best course availible in the University of Manchester?

    UCAS is the way of going to the uk
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Updated: February 12, 2007
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