help! 4 UMS from an A in physics!

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Hi guys! hope you all did well in your results Image

I do AS OCR Physics A and I got 236/300 UMS which is a B, and 240/300 is an A. I was 4 UMS marks away from an A!

I have attached a picture of all the grade boundaries for each Physics module and a formula which converts UMS to raw marks, so if one of u do maths, you can work backwards from it to get my raw mark from my UMS score. (The attachments are at the start and end of this message)

1. Can you please state what 4 UMS would be in raw marks for the 'Mechanics' exam, 'Electrons, Waves and photons exam', and 'Practical Skills in Phyiscs'

2. Convert a UMS score in Mechanics of 68 into raw marks please, as this is the exam where I am 4 UMS from an A.

Thank you!
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