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Freshers Week, University of Bath
University of Bath
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Bath Freshers Week

Hey people, jus wondering what is bath uni freshers week like?... the greatest week of your life? or rather average? thanks x
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I haven't been, but have heard the word "Toga" used in reference to Freshers Week. I don't think much more needs to be said on the matter!
Freshers Week, University of Bath
University of Bath
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Yeah, it was a good week. Wouldnt call it amazing- but I havent got anyother Freshers weeks to compare it to :p:
It was ok...
I didnt think much of most of the organised things, but the comedy was good, the pub crawl was good, it was a good chance to get to know people, the 2nd yrs were friendly, and it gave us a chance to attempt togas as now im MUCH more excited about the upcoming toga pub crawl! :biggrin:
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Yeah. Agreed the comedy and pub crawl were about the best- all the parties- beach, toga, etc were basically the same, but in different fancy dress. A bit boring really.
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It's all a bit of a blur really, that's not meaning I got sooo drunk I can't remember it, but just met so many new people I can't remember who most of them are! It was good fun though, even if I came down with freshers flu half way through the week.
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:smile: If you have myspace then, and check out the pub crawl/beach party pics.

Your freshers week will depend on your reps. My reps spent most of their time trying to bone my housemate and we never heard from them again, but the people opposite me had a fantastic rep who they still see.
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mm. our reps were a bit crap. they were friendly enough, but they seemed to be completely drunk most of the time, or didnt bother turning up, and we had to tag along with random groups.
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My reps are amazing.We still go out together once a week.If they can't make it then we always get together at happy hour:biggrin:
My reps were cool, and I still meet up with one of them sometimes... I really wanna be a rep next year, as do a few of my friends..soooo..ppl on here may be lucky enough to be shown about by us! :P dee you do it too and we can make all our freshers be friends! haha