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Hi I am a prospective BMC student that will be starting this September. If you could please give me the contact details of some of the student you had mentioned you knew of? I also haven’t heard the best things about the university so I’d really like to hear from someone who is a student that’s currently there.I’m also looking for a roommate who’s going for BMC, please let me know if you have anyone in mind.

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As the representative of the University of Debrecen I just would like to make a few comments.

Yes, the University is really hard and the requirements high but the graduates will be Doctors and Dentists! What is required from them? Lack of knowledge or to be well prepared professionals? Always ask yourself what you expect from a Doctor or a Dentist.

BMC course is designed for those whose knowledge doesn't meet the requirement for the 1st year. I can’t agree that this course is another money maker because if somebody wouldn't be good enough for the 1st year but accepted most likely will struggle with the requirement on the 1st or 2nd year and hate the University and repeat a year or years. So repeating the 1st or 2nd year would cost 16-17 000 USD/ year but doing the BMC course would cost only 7000 USD. The BMC course absolutely prepares the students for their further studies and those who finish it successfully most likely will cope with the requirement much easier on their further studies too. On the other hand the BMC course is competitive and hard too. But maybe those who can’t finish the BMC course successfully ought to think to study something else because maybe the medical and dental studies are not for them. So the parents and the students would know that it’s no point to go further. But if this happen on the 1st or 2nd year would cost much more. The professors on the entrance exam have a lots of experience to decide who needs extra study for the University studies and they want to see happy students who can cope easily with the requirements.

Obviously everybody is different and somebody needs help to study to meet the requirements. But those who need help should look for it. There are lots of possibilities for that but you have to ask and look for it. “Silent child's mother did not understand a word “.For example I have a list of academic private tutors name / around 30/ who are willing to give private lessons so everybody can prepare for the exams. Every year I have students who ask me to find private tutor because they need them. It’s not a shame; it’s a University with high requirement.

The exams on almost every 2-3 weeks are for the students themselves. It’s called Self Controlled test. So if somebody is failing on these tests should indicate that help is needed – study more or get a private tutor! Those who pass these tests successfully can get a grade for their final exam. That means no need to take the exam from that subject in the examination period. There are 3 chances to pass the exam in the examination period. So if somebody is good enough to pass all the exams with studying only in the examination period that’s fine, the University doesn't check on you how much you study, you just need to pass the exam. There is no need to study all year long if you can pass the exam in the examination period. But obviously because the requirement is very high everybody needs to study very hard. But for that you get a quality degree which is recognised worldwide. On the other hand what you studied nobody can take from you.

Don’t take only 1 person’s opinion. I can give - to anybody who is interested - all the British students contact details who are studying or already graduated at the University of Debrecen and make any decision afterwards you heard more opinions. I’m living in Debrecen so anybody who is willing to take a bit of time, visit Debrecen and I will be happy to show you around at the University, the city etc…. As most of the British students came with my assistance we can meet students too so anybody can ask randomly anything from those we meet during the trip.

As the University give you recognised and quality degrees there will be always students who can’t cope with the requirement. But what would the World and You say if everybody could get a Medical or Dental degree easily without any effort without hard work? Anybody think that how it should be?

For more information feel free to contact me
[email protected]

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