journalism MA, but what kind of journalism ?

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I'll be applying soon for masters in the UK and I have a few questions regarding the different kind of masters in journalism. I'd like to move to the UK permanently so I checked that the courses were all NCTJ accredited,but other than that, I don't have a clue what master I should apply to ! I have done a 2 months internship in a local newspaper( in france) and I loved writing about social issues etc, but I don't have any experience of journalism in the UK since I'm not there yet lol( would it be a problem when applying for a master ? since some unis ask for journalism experience, but my published articles are in french so I can't send them anything).

I'd like to do different things, such as working on tv documentaries about society etc.. but also writing articles online/newspapers. I'd like to do "investigative" journalism, not just presenting facts like a tv anchor would do.
But I have a hard time choosing a master because I've found an " investigative journalism" master at the university of strathclyde, but in their programm they don't mention anything about teaching broadcasting skills , and other than that I have found masters specialized in broadcast journalism but from what I've read it sounds like they're teaching the basics of journalism but they don't go really deep, it looks like they're more focused on the "broadcast" part. Sorry my post is a little confusing haha but I just don't want to make a mistake when choosing the right course for me.

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