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Hi guys, so basically I got my AS results yesterday, which I knew I'd have to retake but I never expected below a D grade...

This might be a bit of a long post but if any of you could take the time to reply it would really help as my situation is really complicated!

So the results I got were:
Media: B (a+c)
English lit: E (d+e)
Psychology: U (e+u)
Business: D (d+e)

The one thing I was really gutted about was the fact that I got a U in psychology which is what I want to go into at uni. But my school don't allow students to continue the subject they fail in.

It took me all year to realise how hard a levels actually are and I didn't get my revision technique right until after my exams were done as I also started revision late.

So the problem I have now is that my school are making me do media business and english next year. What they need to realise is that I will do FAR worse in english than psychology for 2 reasons:

1. My psychology grade doesn't at all reflect how well I do in class - I'm usually graded A/B
2. I hate a level english and I hardly ever read

(Please don't make any judgements about anything I say on here, everything has a reason behind it which would be too long and pointless to explain)

Now I have 6 options:

1. I've paid to have both psychology papers remarked - I'm 7 marks away from an E grade which is far off but I was advised to do this. If it goes up to an E I will be able to drop english and stay at my current school. I'll retake both psychology exams plus my A2 exams.
I'll then have my media exam remarked as I'm 3 marks off an overall A. If it doesn't go up, I'll retake my AS exam alongside my A2 exams. I will also retake both business AS exams with my A2 exams.
My aim will be to achieve:
Media: A*
Psychology: A*
Business: A
With these grades I can apply at a uni such as royal holloway, qmul, reading etc, and can start uni next september.

2. There is no way I can be successful in english lit so if my psychology grade stays as a U and if my school will allow this (which I kind of doubt as I go to a grammar school with high expectations), I will do just 2 a levels being media and business (as well as retaking AS with A2 exams like i said in option 1).
I'll then do psychology externally (I don't actually know I'd do this) and retake AS. The aim with this option will be the same as #1.

3. I'll retake AS media and business (like I said earlier) alongside A2 at my current sixth form. I could then just carry on with english for the sake of it and it would leave me with extra UCAS points. I will then do a levels for an extra year in biology and psychology. One mistake I made was not taking biology as an a level subject as I really enjoyed it at GCSE. So I would end up with 5 a levels.
I always wanted to do psychology at UCL but they require 2 of chem, maths, psychology, bio, etc. If I do this option I aim to achieve:
Biology: A
Psychology: A*
English: I don't actually care
Media: A*
Business: A/B

4. It's really really unlikely that I do #4 but I'm still putting it out there as its still an option I'd be 1% willing to take. I would have to retake my a levels completely at a new college (psychology media and biology). I really wouldn't want to do this as I got a high A in my media coursework which I spent a lot of money on and wouldn't want to waste this effort. I'm not sure if this will make any difference but I'm dyslexic? Will that mean I still get extra time in any other college?

I realise this is really long lol but any help / experiences would be appreciated!
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I think the best option would be to retake a levels completely... the roots you've described are highly complex and you might be overestimating next year which could bring your grades done. You'd still have Media as an A (unless it's a linear course than probably not) you could even carry it on at A2 in a new college if it allows it as some do or you could redo it completely.

If you really want to do Psychology at university you need to retake the year, as daunting as that might be it'll be worth it to pursue what you want you could also think about doing something else at university if you really don't want to retake the year.
Best of wishes!

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