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Hi all,

I got my results the other day and I wasn't too happy when I actually opened them, after being predicted BBC I went on to only achieve BCU.

Law: B
Business: C
Psychology: U

For now I can deal with the law grade and I am going to resit a business exam to try improve that also to a B however, the problem is I only do 3 a-levels and completely failed psych!! It's being sent of for a priory remark because I don't know how I got an E on G542 and a U on G541 and lots of revision and hard work this is not what i expected! After reading online I've heard they increased the grade boundaries but it was common across my sixth form with the majority only achieving a grade D,E or a U!

Now, my issue is do I scrap it and pick a totally new A-level and do it in one year? Baring in mind next year I want a minimum of BBC overall, or do I retake it and continue to take it into year 13. Like I said I am shocked at the grade because it makes it look like I didn't actually try! I wanted to know what everyone else would do or if they had a similar problem?

Is there anyway I can retake the exam either online or at a centre doing a diffent paper as my concern is what if I fail the psychology exams next year and they hold me back from going to uni!?

Thanks in advance for any responses!!

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