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nightlife at reading

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Plug 'n' Play is by far the best venue in Reading if you like proper dance music. :wink:

They regularly hold psytrance, drum 'n' bass, break beat, hardcore, etc., nights there. Plus it's in a warehouse. Grand!
Student working at the Cole Museum
University of Reading
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Atomik speaks wisewords...

The Awakening makes a return on Fri 28th Sept 2007..

Psytrance night in Reading... 9pm til 6am

Plug n Play studios, 35 Milford Rd

admission £7 on the door, £6 (inc. booking fee) in advance only from:
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An all-night psytrance party in Reading. Great news! :biggrin: Expect to see me there... Off my face, no doubt. :smile:
Got some new parties for everyone to try, hope these give everyone an option as to somewhere else to go on a Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Launching Freshers Week

Tuesday - Rehab @ The Fez Club.

Wednesday - Dogma Social @ Dogma

More information on these night can be found on Facebook or the Reading Lifestyle Website. - coming soon.
at that candy club, what type of sweet tunes do they play
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rico dan man
at that candy club, what type of sweet tunes do they play

The main area (3sixty) basically plays the ultimate in cheese, and abit of dance stuff.
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The next Awakening is on Friday 26th October 2007..

Psytrance (& funkychillout room) night in Reading... 9pm til 6am

Plug n Play studios, 35 Milford Rd
Reading. 15 min walk from station, near TGI Fri.

there is a new layout in P'n'P, which works even better as a club now. No where else in Reading like it. check our facebook group

admission £7 on the door, £6 (inc. booking fee) in advance only from:
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I've heard about fez a few times - what sort of music do they play??
They play all of the cool chat, party in the main room and then Indie etc downstairs in room2.

Tonight is Doctors and Nurses and next week is our Halloween special!!!!
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People seem to have the wrong impression about Mango....firstly it isn't a bar. It doesn't open at 8 and it isn't a place you'd go to first- it stays open til 5 and is generally still packed out at that time every Saturday and most Fridays. Secondly, Mango and the Fez are the only clubs that bring any kind of big name DJs to Reading. Mango has seen the likes of Judge Jules, Martijn Ten Velden, Seb Fontaine, Lisa Lashes, Tim Sheridan, Hoxton Whores, Micky Slim, Richard Dinsdale and Filthy Rich all appear in 2007...there is no 'urban' music at weekends, the nights are run mostly by individual promoters like Erotique, Gifted, Connected, Pushca, etc, who all have resident DJs of the highest quality, like Filthy Funk Funk, Oliver Lang and Ric Maia. If you like house, electro, techno, progressive and minimal, it's pretty much the only place worth going.

Fez has also had some decent names there in 2007, like Sister Bliss, D Ramirez, Mark Knight, Trophy Twins, DJ Yoda, etc. Fez unlike Mango has a weekend urban night called Flick Da Bass, where you get a lot of big name hip hop and garage DJs there on Fridays. The venue is pretty grotty now but its pretty big so when its full there's a decent atmosphere. However, more often than not its empty and because of the size of the main room it seems even emptier.

Of the bars, you have Revolution, which has occasional Hed Kandi nights, but the music is really fluffy and vocal. Some of the traditional revs crowd has moved over the other side of town since Dogma opened. I've always found the crowd full of people who don't really care what music is playing but are just there to get hammered. Unfortunately for them, its not easy given that average wait time for a drink is approx 20 minutes.

Dogma and Oakford Social Club are more studenty places, quite specialist music styles. Oakford has seen Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Nathan Fake and Death in Vegas there in 2007, Dogma doesn't have any big names as such and their music policy is a mix of house, electro, indie and hip hop. I've noticed a lot of chavs going in there recently but there is always a big queue at the front door so they must be doing something right.

Sahara is my favourite of the bars. The music is quite quiet, so you can chill out in there and relax, sip a few cocktails without your ear drums bursting. It's in the now busier side of town along with Dogma, Fez, Mango, Purple Turtle and Zero Degrees.

Zero Degrees is a restaurant and micro brewery but often used as a pre club bar as they have some special deals monday to friday between 4 and 7.

Purple Turtle is ok, a place i frequented as a student. They have a jukebox in there but often have drum and bass and indie nights in there. Free wifi in the daytime as well. Its next door to the Fez.

Over towards the other side of town, at the end of the Oracle over at Kings Walk you have Mix Bar. This place is a little bit out of place in traditional Reading: its a very classy cocktail bar, with a very elegant interior and stylish decor. From there, over towards Friar Street, it goes downhill a bit.

Friar Street has all the chain places previous posters have mentioned. Yates, Bar Risa, Revolution, Varsity and Wetherspoons, etc. Also on this street are Bar Four and Q-Bar. These places are chavvy beyond belief, the music is all exactly the same: pop, r&b, etc. The drinks are generally pretty cheap but you get what you pay for. Friar Street is like the Veronicas or West End equivalent to Reading. Personally I wouldn't go near there but each to their own. Amongst these hovels, you've got Pitcher and Piano and Xen. They are a little bit nicer.

Back to clubs, a new one has opened where Utopia used to be called J12 over at junction 12 of the m4 in calcot. The venue is huge but the nights there look really mickey mouse already. Someone mentioned Plug & Play- its not the nicest venue but they do have specialist nights there playing stuff like psytrance and breaks.

My perspective on all this is as a clubber that went to uni in Reading over 10 years ago and has Dj'd all over Europe for the last 8 years, including places like Eden in Ibiza, Stockholm pride and Mecca in Prague. Reading isn't brilliant but for town of its size it isn't bad at all. I come back to Mango once a month because the music there is simply better than anything else Reading has to offer. If I want to see a big name on my doorstep, they're there. Erotique offers £5 entry to members of Reading universitys Electrosoc. Where else can you see the likes of Judge Jules in a nice independant club with a good crowd for a fiver?!
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The Global cafe and Bar Risc are both really good :smile:
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Good post Ssouthall6. I've lived around the area for the last 22 years, and I try not to go out in Reading anymore. I've never been in Mango, or quite a few of the other places you've mentioned. ... but I went in the Oakford the other day, and that's quite a nice place. Fez is boring. expensive beer. I'm really happy that a zero degrees has opened, but I keep forgetting to visit it. obviously psytrance @ Plug n Play rules :smile: - next Awakening Fri 29th Feb. one thing you didn't mention, is that Reading has a been host to the odd random squat party. last one was just before xmas. but you have to keep one ear to the ground for that.
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There are squat parties in Reading? Awesome! Would love to find out more about 'em.

I went to the Awakening at Plug 'n' Play at the end of October. The music was banging but there was a distinct lack of people there, which I found very disappointing. It's all about the atmosphere as well as the music. Hopefully more people will start going...
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but the one in November (which I missed out on (I was in Amsterdam)) had loads of people there. typical I missed it! anyway, next one in Feb (29th). introduce yourself to me, and then I'll tell you about the squats innit. (here's a clue, find the land rover outside, it's mine). Bugs
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Sound. I will probably message you nearer to the time; maybe we can arrange a little meet-up or something, as last time I was there I was on my own.

Did you have fun in 'dam? I've only been once, last year, but it was a total laugh. Brilliant place. Had fun 'expanding my mind' in Vondelpark. :P
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I actually work over in A'dam quite a bit of the time. shock horror I'm not a student anymore! :smile:
yeah, Vondelpark is a wikkid place. anyway, get yourself to the Awakening and ask for Bugs... can't be that hard to find me. most ppl know me. you can always ask on the cloakroom. everyone is friendly enough and it's on the 29th Feb!. ps. psy-forum has all the info
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I keep hearing about Afterdarks?
What kind of club is that?

I don't suppose there's much of a goth take on things?
I'll just have to go into London for that won't I? lol

Also, to the person that said they don't go out on weekends because the places fill up with Chavs... I believe that to be an occurance in most places lol!!! My sister goes to Manchester and she tells me that everyone avoids the city centre like the plague on weekends due to Chav numbers lol!!!!
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Purple turtle for all your 'alternative' needs. Especially on a Monday night when its also alternative night at the Fez (Currently closed for a refurb)
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I would not recommend q bar as a night out.. Especially if you want to have fun. My friend was refused entry for no reason and the manager proceeded to patronise us whilst showing no understanding of customer and legal rights. Dogma however was the best night out for me and my girls and we will be returning soon! X
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Contrary to your experience I have had many a good night out at Q bar.
Thursdays on Indie night is great. I'd reccomend giving it a go

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