The Student Room Group

am i being bullied or just being stupid?

hi everyone

because the group is only small theres about 15 of us and we are all quite close and chatty etc.

a few months ago one of the group invited a few of us round for a drink. one of my friends got completely out of his face, and was really really poorly. he thought he had been spiked/drugged. we had all had the same to drink really, it wasnt a heavy night.

the host of the get together uses drugs, so i think its fair enough for him to think he may have had something slipped into his drink.

however when this all came to light with the host, this person went crazy, threatened to kill my friend, called him all the time, and turned everyone on our course against him - he left the course just after xmas.

because im still friends with him - i had no reason to fall out with him?
this person is now trying to bully me into hating him, and is trying to turn everyone against me because i speak to him still.

i need to finish this course to get into uni, so im just gonna go back to college and not speak to anyone, let them all think im a grumpy cow.
well something similar happened to me in a way
this one girl decided that she didn't like me and attempted to turn everyone against me for that - and well it partially worked
but i didn't care really - i continued to work coz i was doing a levels at the time - but i think that you should tell him that you have no trouble with him and there is no reason for you to hate him - and you are friends with both of them - and there is no reason for him to continuosly have a go at you about it

if this is more of a problem than the way you have explained [as i am not in your shoes] i would suggest making other friends - as it is clear than this is a shepard + sheep situation, and you don't want those type of people as friends - there is no trust or loyalty